Doing business with a general contractor in 2022

Finding a general contractor in 2022 may seem like a daunting task, but do you really need one?

Besides you, the most important person in your renovation is the general contractor . A contractor’s willingness to take the time to listen to you and explain things to you will be a sign of their personal integrity and professionalism. Expect a good contractor to show interest in listening to you to understand your expectations for your construction project.

The added value of a general contractor: successful work within the proposed schedule.

It must be said that the great characters in history have something in common, a competent right arm, so find yours to build something beautiful in your home!

What does a general contractor do?

Your general contractor is responsible for HOW and WHEN home improvement work is done. They can call on an architect or an engineer if necessary. Choose the right general contractor and everything else should be fine. It’s an obvious statement, but it’s scary how little people think about finding the right contractor.

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Don’t hire the first contractor you find. Get several quotes for your renovation projects.

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Before proceeding, ask yourself the following:

  • Do you really need a general contractor?
  • How about DIY by yourself?
  • Does this DIY job need training?
  • How much do the necessary tools cost?

First and foremost, according to some estimates, whether or not to hire a general contractor can save you money (you can save around 30% on the overall cost of the job) if you don’t hire a contractor. general. But you have to count the time to do the work yourself, the trips to the renovation center, the purchase of equipment or the rental of machinery…and the costs of redoing what was badly done from the start.

In short, unless you have unlimited time and LOTS of knowledge (and a large arsenal of tools), acting as your own general contractor is a mistake.

What does TexNov do?

Texnov manufactures acrylic coatings for the preparation, repair and protection of your home, business, factory or other. TexNov is a leader in research and development, as a result, this allows it to offer new products, such as Pave-Tex ; an innovative product to beautifully redo paved driveways (concrete or asphalt) using a simple roller.

TexNov is a company committed to its leadership. Its customer service offers support in choosing products from the entire existing color chart, but the company can also provide you with a list of contractors in your area. Indeed, the service offer is complete, high quality products and consulting services based on the experience of thirty years.

TexNov manufactures acrylic coatings for all kinds of projects . Some of the products are easily applied with a simple brush or roller, others require a trowel and techniques reserved for the most experienced; in any case, the professionals can guarantee you results of the highest level of quality, while respecting the deadlines.

TexNov surface preparer
Enduit de finition Texnov
Texnov acrylic finish coating
TexNov Met-30 Sealer

What makes a good general contractor?

A good general contractor is a manager and overseer, as well as (almost always) an experienced tradesperson in their own right who can find building materials at a better price than we, the consumers.

Acrylic coatings on gypsum for earthy textures

It should be noted that the contractors know the building code and, as what they know what permits are required; in addition, some work may require different trades; experienced entrepreneurs have a trusted network to offer you.

The best general contractors are adept at planning, solving problems and dealing with the unexpected.

Managing large-scale renovations is a skill and an art, not to mention a full-time job. Your job is to find the right contractor, and their job is to make sure you get what you want from your renovation project, turnkey and hassle-free.

Working with a general contractor is always a good idea; so that is the equivalent to buying peace.

Finding a general contractor in 2022 is more important than ever; in short, with building material costs rising, you don’t want to miss out on DIY.

Other than your general contractor, who else would I need on my team?

Should I hire an interior designer?

Most consumers are never in the habit of hiring interior designers for projects, but taking inspiration from images on Pinterest or Houzz has changed many consumers’ minds.

Acrylic stucco or acrylic coating gives a unique texture to interior decor

Interior decorator or interior designer: what are the differences?

If their common objective is to design interiors that correspond to trends and to their users, the interior decorator and the interior designer nevertheless have very different professions. Training, mission, career prospects!

Relaxation area finished in acrylic coating

Interior decorator: the specialist in decoration and trends

His mission: the interior decorator is, as his name suggests, specialized in the decoration of spaces. Thus, thanks to his knowledge of the history of design and trends in furnishing, he can be responsible for the development of spaces such as the interior of a house, a relaxation area, an office or even a storefront.

See some examples

The Wabi Sabi decor style uses the textures of acrylic coatings to create restful living environments.

Interior designer: the creator of spaces

His mission: in short, the interior designer is to design interiors with a more conceptual and technical dimension. Unlike the decorator, the interior designer thinks of all the layout and ergonomics of a space. He is therefore called upon to propose and carry out works.

There is a lot of added value in hiring an interior designer. Although a good general contractor has learned a lot about good design over the years, they are not designers and may not have the specific expertise to help you work in a specific period style. Ultimately, finding a general contractor who can put together a competent team is the death knell for any project.

Interior designers are registered with a professional association and are qualified to make recommendations on interior designs, with the exception of load-bearing walls.

They often pick up where architects leave off, helping you with room layouts (especially kitchens and bathrooms), space planning, and storage planning.

Revêtement extérieur de maison en enduit acrylique
Houses finished in acrylic coating are numerous here and elsewhere. Whether for country, ancestral or contemporary styles, there is a texture that matches any project.

Here are some achievements

A good interior designer helps with cosmetic choices, ultimately.

It will help you with the following questions:

  • What style of molding will best suit your home?
  • What style of finish on your walls?
  • Use textured acrylic fillers or not?
  • What kind of cabinets will look great in your kitchen?

You will spend a lot of money on these items and an interior designer will spend time with you to find out what you like, what your lifestyle demands and what will best suit your needs and tastes.

You want projects that look like you, ultimately that match your lifestyle capable of creating healthy, peaceful and sustainable living environments.

Last word

The message of this article titled “finding a general contractor in 2022” is to encourage you to hire a general contractor. As a result, for any successful job, relying on the expertise of a general contractor is synonymous with quality results.

Texnov has been manufacturing acrylic coatings for the residential, commercial, industrial and other construction sectors since 1989. The importance of buying local construction products, they adapt to our extreme climatic conditions, including being tested for freeze-thaw cycles.

Acrylic polymer coatings adhere to existing surfaces, including wood, masonry, gypsum, stucco, concrete, brick and more. Its adhesion power has been tested in the laboratory and in the field. Trusting Texnov is a guarantee of satisfaction.

Think of Texnov for your next paved driveway resurfacing project, balcony flooring, to beautify your interior walls, your exterior house cladding and other applications . Finding a general contractor in 2022 and asking him to use Texnov acrylic coatings is a guarantee of quality.

You have questions? Contact us! our experts will be delighted to support you in your projects, offering you a hundred colors and textures designed for you.


Your general contractor will be able to present the project to you and manage it in established stages.

TexNov is a pioneering company in the sector; with over thirty years of experience, Texnov is surrounded by the best construction contractors in Quebec, Ontario and elsewhere. Do not hesitate to call us to find out who works in your sector.

Texnov products are the solution for comfortable homes in sustainable environments.

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