Why to choose an acrylic coating?

Spring will finally arrive and with it, construction and renovation projects.

When the time comes to choose a coating for exterior walls, and particularly foundation walls, the market offers several options: parging and acrylic coating. But which one to use?

Since its appearance in the 1960s, acrylic coating has greatly improved, among other things, thanks to technological development, which makes it possible to apply acrylic coatings that are resistant to extreme temperature changes here.

Today’s building standards now require solutions that steer the public towards acrylic solutions.

To understand why acrylic siding is the most popular solution in our market, here are the advantages of this type of product for your home.

1- TexNov and its energy efficiency.

Acting as a protective screen on concrete, wood, masonry and more, the acrylic coating is ideal for creating a barrier to water andair, which provides excellent thermal resistance. The warm air remains inside your property, as if a comforter surrounded it. It therefore stands out as a coating that demonstrates very high energy efficiency, adapted to local climatic requirements. TexNov is a local product designed for the reality of our extreme climatology .

texNov foundation membrane
TexNov is a 100% acrylic coating that creates a thermal barrier for air and water.

2- Choosing acrylic coatings for its aesthetic capacity.

Acrylic Finishing Products Provide Aesthetic Benefits increased. The acrylic coating allows the realization of unique textures and patterns, in addition to offering an impressive range of colors, ranging in a range of almost one hundred colors different. Increasing the cachet of your building, the coating TexNov is positioned as a wise choice that will give results aesthetically very elegant. It is very popular when renovating old buildings, decrepit buildings, in addition to being widely used as an exterior coating for new constructions of all kinds.

Industrial building finished with TexNov coatings
The head office of TexNov is entirely covered with an acrylic coating.

3- Choose TexNov for increased resistance.

With a flexible and waterproof texture, acrylic has the ability to protect well and resist the various weather conditions resulting from local climatic conditions. It is perfect for areas that come in contact with de-icing salts and other elements corrosive. This resistance also translates into durability over time. The acrylic coating has properties that prevent the appearance of cracks, in addition to his elastomeric ingredients adhesives, being a solution used during the projects Who require a waterproofing barrier.

4- Perfect insulation on interior and exterior surfaces.

Informed do-it- yourselfers and professionals choose TexNov for its unique qualities. Made from 100% acrylic polymers to prevent its ingredients from cracking or cracking, this acrylic coating is perfect for finishing or insulation and is suitable for any type of building.

In addition, TexNov acrylic coatings can be applied to interior or exterior surfaces.

For projects requiring insulation, its properties make it easy to lay the insulation board directly on the concrete and then cover it with the acrylic coating; this will protect the concrete from deterioration and suddenly create an important insulating screen. Among the range of coatings, you will also find some with incombustible properties.

TexNov offers an unparalleled water and air barrier .

5- Choose acrylic coatings for its economic advantages.

Due to the advantages mentioned above, including its insulation capacity , its increased waterproofing and its increased resistance, the acrylic coating leads to energy savings which undoubtedly translate into financial savings. In addition, its maintenance is easy.

Choose TexNov for more comfortable homes, in sustainable environments.

TexNov is also a coating that is much more economical and easier to use than brick and other traditional solutions. At TexNov, you have a whole range of colors and textures, for successful projects.

TexNov products can be applied quickly and without worries . But if you are short on time, you can also hire a professional, who will know how to optimize the performance of acrylic coatings for unique results.

Find a TexNov acrylic coating retailer near you using this interactive map:


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      Disclaimer: This article was written to inform and entertain. The company takes no responsibility for any work done without professional supervision. Your best ally is your family contractor.

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