Let’s talk stucco

First, what is stucco? let’s talk about stucco in this new article, brought to you by Texnov inc.

First, although you may not know what it is, you’ve probably seen stucco ( or stucco ) before. But first, what is stucco? It is a building material used as a finish. So, we find this product on houses and buildings giving them a natural and textured style. Therefore, with its different colors and applications, you can use stucco both inside and outside a building to add an extra design element. It must be said that stucco can be used on any type of building, whether residential, commercial or industrial.

Acrylic stucco offers textures and colors for any architectural style.

To introduce this topic, in this “What is Stucco?” article, we present frequently asked questions about stucco, including what it is, what it’s made of, and where it works. better.

TexNov inc . is a manufacturer of acrylic coatings (or acrylic stuccos). Its product line consists of solutions for repairing damaged surfaces, protecting home siding, floors, walls and ceilings, and beautifying homes, businesses and industries with the texture of a unique product, made right here, for the most rigorous conditions.

Interior and exterior use of stucco

For starters, stucco is a finish used on walls and surfaces to give it the desired color and texture. While it is durable and can be used for interior and exterior surfaces. You can choose to put stucco on an outdoor kitchen, on the siding of a house or even on the base of a kitchen island. However, the stucco you use for exterior applications is not the same as that used indoors; and the one to reinforce the reinforcement is not the same as the one that gives the texture.

So modern stucco used for the exterior of a home or building is designed to withstand harsh weather, the sun’s rays that hit it throughout the day, and heavy thunderstorms. Traditionally, when used on wood, paper is placed over the wood before traditional stucco is applied to protect the wood from water damage.

Example of a living room finished in stucco acrylic

What is traditional stucco?

For starters, stucco is a cement-based coating that adds a textured finish to a wall. It is made from a mixture of cement, sand, water, and lime . It can come in a variety of colors and textures and comes in two types of stucco systems. These are known as the 3-layer system and the 1-layer system.

In short, what is stucco? Let’s talk stucco in this new article is presented to you within the framework of the communication policy of the company Texnov.

Traditional home facade textured with stucco

1 layer v 3 layers

First of all, the two traditional stucco systems are the 1 and 3 coat systems. These vary slightly in how they are made and what they are used for. The 3-layer system is usually made with plastic cement, which is mixed with lime and is known for its strength.

The 3-layer system has a base layer made up of cement, sand and water. However, it also contains pieces of fiberglass and acrylic additives to make it stronger and water resistant. The top coat can be an acrylic or cement finish that covers the base coat, which is also true for single coat systems.

Acrylic stucco brings a unique texture that is very different from classic paint.
Example of a clean style living room with sealed concrete floors giving a wet look.


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Stuc acrylique vs stuc traditionnel

Choose a finish

First, there are two types of finishes you can use for the final coat of stucco. These are acrylic or cement finishes. Both can be used indoors and outdoors and can be stained; it must be emphasized that the acrylic option has a more vivid color finish, and its application is more durable.


Let’s first look at the cement finish. To apply, mix cement with sand and water before adding color to the mix. You can use a color chart to choose the shade you want, or you can create a custom color.


Lately an acrylic finish is done in a similar way, but has bits of crushed stones in the mix to add texture. You can color this finish the same as a cement finish, but acrylic stucco colors are brighter and more vibrant. The advantages of acrylic stuccos, also known as acrylic coatings, are multiple. Acrylic coatings are not just a finishing coat, but high performance products, optimized to protect any surface from the elements for many years. Plus, in the range of acrylic stuccos, base coats, repair coats, concrete sealers, exterior house coatings, asphalt protectors and more.

Textureless stucco provides a soft, elegant finish.
Stucco is suitable for any style of decoration

What is stucco? Let’s talk stucco in this new article is presented to you within the framework of the communication policy of the company Texnov.

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Examples of stucco

Although there are two basic types of finishes, the texture and appearance of the finish can vary. To conclude, there are several finishes that give extra texture to the building and come with a unique style that can be matched with the contemporary or traditional look you are looking for.

So here are four of the most popular options:

  • Rustex.
  • Sand-Tex.
  • Regular.
  • Fine acrylic.

Let’s see the differences between all four finishes:

Rustex finish

Texnov Premium Rus-Tex is an acrylic finishing plaster for floors and walls with an asymmetrical grain texture with furrows. For exterior and interior use, applying on the following Basecoats: Texnov Premium 200, Texnov Premium 200 LT, Texnov Premium 200 PRX, etc.
Texnov Premium Rus-Tex is manufactured in the form of a premixed paste. Its formula allows it a perfect adhesion, a very high resistance to alkalis and ultraviolet rays.

Texture Rustex by Texnov

Sand-Tex finish

Texnov Premium Sand-Tex is an acrylic floor finish coating (ideal for garages and walls) with a fine round grain texture. For exterior and interior use, applying on Base Coatings such as: TexNov Premium 200, TexNov Premium 200 LT, TexNov Premium 200 PRX, etc.
The Texnov Premium Sand-Tex product is manufactured in the form of a premixed paste. Its formula allows it a perfect adhesion, a very high resistance to alkalis and ultraviolet rays.

Sand-Tex acrylic stucco texture

Regular finish

Texnov acrylic coating is a colored coating, the consistency of yogurt, which contains 100% acrylic resins, inorganic pigments, titanium pigments, fine marble aggregates, other additives, fungicides and high performance stabilizers .

Texnov Enduit Acrylic is available in 96 colors of fine or regular texture, specially formulated for roller application.

Regular Texnov texture

Finish Acrylico fino

Texnov Acrylico Fino is a fine-textured, colored filler with the consistency of yogurt, which contains 100% acrylic resins, inorganic pigments, titanium pigments, fine marble aggregates, other additives, fungicides and high performance stabilizers.

Texnov Acrylico Fino is available in 96 colors to choose from or regular. Specially formulated for application by roller or gravity gun.

Texnov Fine Acrylic Coating

The Best Climate for Stucco

Take the case of traditional stucco; traditional stucco is durable and works great in hot or cold climates. The first thing to remember is that if you live in an area that gets heavy rain or frequent snowstorms, this might not be the best choice.

By the way, heavy rain, snow or hail can damage the exterior of stucco, but the biggest problem is water absorption. Rainwater can be absorbed by the stucco and create a moisture pocket behind the surface. Consequently, the exterior of the building and the quality of the interior air will be affected.

Damaged facade of the house or building with cracked plaster and hole in the exterior wall

So while stucco can withstand hot or cold temperatures, you don’t want it used in humid climates.

The objective of this stucco article is to highlight the aesthetic properties of traditional stucco, while taking advantage of the architectural properties of modern products.

In sum, areas that have high humidity or constant rain throughout the year will cause your stucco to not last as long as it could in dry climates. Other coating options will be better for wetter climates.
In short, the proposed solution is acrylic stucco (or acrylic coatings). Acrylic products offer varied textures, homogeneous mixtures, a panoply of colors; but also unique architectural properties. In fact, acrylic coatings provide an air and water barrier. Therefore, they not only retain water, but prevent it from penetrating the building envelope.

Stucco is a wonderful wall finishing material for dream living rooms
This majestic living room is a good example of the possibilities of modern stucco

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To conclude this article “What is stucco? Let’s talk about stucco in this new article.” ? We do not recommend stucco for climates like ours; in this case, it is necessary to remember its low compatibility with water and snow.
First, choose acrylic fillers made here. Acrylic plasters ( or acrylic stucco ) mimic the texture of stucco; moreover, its ease of having exactly the same mixture from one seal to another.
Since TexNov is one of the local manufacturers of acrylic coatings, the company has accumulated expertise in the R&D of new generations of coatings. Texnov offers the highest quality, for successful and sustainable projects since 1988.
The company’s chemistry department has tested all of its products for life here; the importance: to offer you products suitable for the most rigorous conditions.
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