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Consumers wonder what is an acrylic or architectural coating?. Discover the advantages of modern acrylic coatings, with the new blog article: “Advice space” from Texnov.

Recently, the Texnov team had the opportunity to participate in the National Home Show in Montreal, QC. During the show, we informed many consumers about how Texnov can participate in the success of their residential and commercial projects. During this event, several customers took the opportunity to come see us at the booth, and congratulate us on the quality of the products. Projects dating back several years which, without doubt, delight customers every day. Balcony floors, driveways, exterior wall coverings, foundations and much more!

Modern acrylic coatings that attract the attention of the participants of the National Home Show
Texnov was present at the 2022 National Home Show at the Place des Congrès in Montreal.

Welcome to the blog of Texnov inc. to understand what an acrylic coating is.

Texnov is a local manufacturer of acrylic coatings that offers several sets of products. Texnov products are available in several renovation centers in Quebec and Ontario. In addition, several countries use Texnov products for residential, commercial and industrial constructions. Laboratory research and field tests make Texnov products a reliable, easy to apply and durable solution. The market offers acrylic or architectural coatings, but not all of them have the same quality or application.

First, acrylic (or architectural) coatings are a liquid construction material, used to repair, finish and protect any building; this material is applied to interior or exterior floors, interior or exterior walls, foundations , balconies and others.

Like any other product on the market, manufacturers do research to improve the recipe, and thus offer new solutions suitable for all kinds of projects. This gives it the ability to adapt to classic, contemporary constructions and those in between.

In this article, we will clarify the mazes of “What is an acrylic or architectural coating?”

Existing needs

It must be concluded that not all architectural coatings have the same quality; while acrylic coatings meet two needs, architectural needs and aesthetic needs.

First of all, it must be said that the market offers repair plasters, base plasters and finishing plasters. While some coatings will be used to build the frame of the structure, others will give the final touch (layer) with the desired texture. This final layer (or finish) can be painted in a variety of colors. In the case of Texnov, the company offers a color chart of 96 variations, compatible with the Pantone of the most famous paint manufacturers.

Normally, large format acrylic sealers are for professionals, and the format is 5 gallon pails. The laying is done using trowels, and in this area, expertise makes a big difference.

First, acrylic coatings, also called acrylic parging, are a durable and attractive option for the exterior of your home or commercial building, being a product that adapts to any architectural style. In addition to waterproofing properties for foundations, acrylic is much more resistant than traditional plaster and paints. An acrylic coating is synonymous with efficiency, durability and elegance.

The application of modern acrylic coatings using a trowel
The application of acrylic coatings requires expertise.

Technology in modern finishing products

For starters, the technology behind acrylic (or architectural) coatings has evolved over the past few years. Companies are adapting to new trends in the construction sector, and now come in a wide variety of textures and colors.

Therefore, the coatings used in the base coats are increasingly adapted to our climatic conditions; to do so, the use of acrylic polymers that allow to adapt to the expansion and contraction during the freeze-thaw cycles. On the other hand, finishing plasters are able to create the desired texture, from grainier to finer; not to mention the range of colors, which can imitate most color charts of commercial paint manufacturers.

The textures of the different acrylic coatings

The texture of the acrylic coatings is reminiscent of the stucco of yesteryear, adding increased protection to any building. The difference resides in the innovative solutions for the building envelope. In addition to its aesthetic capabilities which give it a unique cachet, modern acrylic coatings can integrate complete building coating systems, which provides it with tightness of the envelope and continuous thermal insulation.

To conclude, the product is renowned for its incomparable energy efficiency.

There is no doubt, architectural coatings are very versatile; whether for smooth, rough finishes or in between, you will find the ideal product with unique technical characteristics: an air and water barrier to protect your home from the elements.

Composition of modern coatings

Acrylic or architectural coatings are made of cement, fiberglass and polystyrene. Architectural products are also excellent air and water barriers.

In addition, for its formulation, modern plasters are very effective against parasites and molds being a very versatile solution.

Laying modern acrylic coatings requires experience.
If in doubt, leave the application of acrylic coatings in the hands of a professional.


Typically, projects involving the use of acrylic coatings are not a do-it-yourself project, due to the physical nature of the work, the potential for unforeseen problems, and the importance of proper installation to ensure the longevity of the acrylic coating project. Using a scale trowel requires the expertise, patience and attention to detail that only experts can provide.

For this reason, a contractor specializing in acrylic coatings is your best ally for a lasting application. Please read our latest article on how to choose your contractor here.

In conclusion, a contractor will ensure that the exterior of your building is properly repaired and prepared for the application of the acrylic coating, this will guarantee long lasting results. Architectural coatings can be applied to interior and exterior walls, floors, balcony entrances, steps, foundations and other surfaces.

Acrylic stucco can be applied in most architectural styles; from the most traditional to the most contemporary.

Acrylic coating vs stucco

It’s not unusual to confuse parging, aggregate and stucco (or stucco) with acrylic coating. It is true that their appearances may seem similar, however the characteristics and performance are totally different. Acrylic coating offers increased energy efficiency, protecting any structure from damage by water and air infiltration.

To find out in detail the differences between traditional stucco and acrylic products, please read our latest post here.

Building coating systems incorporating acrylic coatings eliminate thermal bridges in floors and studs; many manufacturers offer both buy-to-let products and complete building envelope systems. Ask your architect for this solution.

Improved sealing

The air and water tightness of the building is also improved. The installation of membranes and metal flashings around the openings, combined with grooved insulation, prevents any water or humidity that may infiltrate from remaining trapped, as was the case in the past.

Resurfacing concrete will restore the original look while protecting your driveway for years.

The installation of an airtight and watertight liquid membrane provides continuous protection on the entire wall of the house, commercial building or industry.

The choice of color is vast, the textures available are varied from more textured to smoother and the installation of strips of insulation makes it possible to create the desired design. So between the finish of the acrylic coating can imitate stucco in texture, but its architectural characteristics are superior.

To learn more about the comparison between stucco and acrylic (stucco) coatings, please read our post here.

Rigorous quality control

At Texnov, we are particularly proud of our quality control processes, used throughout product development, which offer excellent results and bring us a unique rate of satisfaction in the market with our customers.

Products incorporate only high quality ingredients, all-acrylic coatings, which propels us to leadership in quality and customer satisfaction.

Stately construction with modern acrylic coatings
Acrylic coatings enhance the beauty of any home, any style or age.

Where to find Texnov acrylic coatings?

Now that you know what an acrylic (or architectural) coating is and understand the differences between stucco and modern acrylic coatings, it’s time to get the right products for your new construction or renovation projects.

To learn more about the Texnov company, please read our article here.

Texnov products can be found in a selection of renovation centers in Quebec, Ontario and elsewhere.

Please use the interactive map to identify the nearest pick-up point to you:

      Advantages of acrylic plasters

      Coatings offer a wide variety of benefits, both structural benefits and aesthetic benefits.

      The differences between stucco and modern acrylic coatings are varied; below are some important features:

      • The acrylic coating has the ability to properly protect any surface for a very long time.
      • Its resistance to large climatic variations of up to 80 degrees difference between the temperatures experienced in summer and winter makes it the ideal exterior siding product when performance and durability are sought.
      • Modern plasters are developed based on entirely acrylic polymers, being a solution offering great elasticity ; all of which protects any surface from the weather, and prevents them from cracking or splitting.

      With such durability and efficiency, it is easy to understand why more and more parts of the world are adopting acrylic coating for the exterior covering of commercial or residential buildings, foundation foundations, balcony entrances, galleries, interior walls, etc.

      Here are the eleven main advantages of acrylic plasters:

      1. Flexibility

      This modern building material allows you flexibility in your project, as it can be installed according to any design requirement, adapting to the most stringent building codes.

      2. Variety

      There are many choices of textures, finishes and colors of acrylic coatings. At Texnov, we have a hundred colors available. We make sure to have compatibility with the color charts of the main national and international paint manufacturers.

      3. Timeless aesthetic

      With Texnov coatings, you will find a hundred colors and a wide range of textured or untextured finishes. Whether for contemporary, ancestral buildings or in between, you will find what you are looking for in the Texnov and TexPro catalog.

      Modern acrylic coatings from Texnov
      The exterior finish in acrylic coating for projects with a European look.

      4. Minimal maintenance

      Acrylic coatings do not require painting and when dirty, they can be washed off with water, without the risk of creating infiltrations in the building envelope.

      5. Sustainability

      Known for its durability, it should last the useful life of the building. In the event of an accident, acrylic coatings are easily repairable, perfectly imitating the characteristics of the product in place.

      6. Noise control

      Other advantages of acrylic plasters are their acoustic properties. Indeed, acrylic coatings provide a better barrier against noise than most exterior finishes.

      7. Mildew resistant

      The properties of acrylic coatings are multiple; but perhaps that of its resistance to mold makes this material one of the safest for indoor air quality. Choose acrylic coatings to ensure healthy homes and sustainable environments.

      Modern acrylic plasters allow the restoration of damaged surfaces
      Balcony entrance repaired with TexNov acrylic coating

      8. Weatherproof

      First, when properly installed, acrylic coatings protect structures from water and air damage. This guarantees the tightness of the building envelope and keeps the interior of the walls dry, in addition to converting existing buildings into less energy-consuming dwellings.

      9. Easy to fix

      Acrylic coatings are easily repaired at minimal cost. Even on traditional stucco, the addition of acrylic product is the right solution to repair damaged stucco surfaces, and finish them with multiple textures and a wide choice of colors.

      10. Flame retardant

      Many acrylic coatings are classified as “fire resistant”. Texnov products can be applied to any project, no matter what specification is required.

      Modern acrylic coatings with woodwork for a sleek style
      The facade of houses in good condition is, without doubt, the best first impression that can be offered to guests.

      11. Quick Setup

      The installation of acrylic plasters is generally quick and can be installed by several plasterers at the same time. Knowing that modern products offer increased homogeneity, the color and texture will be exact from one container to another.

      Here is the general installation procedure.

      Modern acrylic coatings allow creations of contemporary style
      Modern non-textured acrylic coatings for a contemporary look

      Why choose a Texnov acrylic coating?

      While we hear the same question: what is an acrylic coating? We have just discovered the advantages of modern stucco; as mentioned, Texnov offers you aesthetic characteristics similar to stucco, but with advanced structural capabilities.

      At present, acrylic or architectural coatings are the coating that is most popular with us. Both practical and economical, acrylic stuccos bring new life to buildings being restored with ease.

      In short , its multiple textures and colors adapt to all kinds of projects, whether commercial, industrial, or even residential constructions. Acrylic is indeed very adaptable, which allows it to be given all possible shapes. Added to this versatility is a touch of aesthetics, since it is also available in almost any shade. Your creativity will not be hampered by this material.

      modern acrylic coatings from Texnov
      Texnov acrylic coating

      TexNov architectural coatings

      Bring your damaged surfaces back to life with Texnov architectural coating. It is specially designed to cover many kinds of surfaces, such as concrete, wood, Masonite , aluminum, gypsum, stucco, parging, brick and cement board.

      In short, Texnov is easily installed indoors and outdoors. Whether for an interior or exterior surface, this product will enhance the appearance and facilitate the maintenance of surfaces.

      Please click on this link to access the general installation document for the application of an acrylic coating from Texnov.

      Performance of acrylic coatings

      First, acrylic or architectural coatings such as Texnov and TexPro create increased weather resistance; this includes freeze-thaw cycles. In addition, their anti-skid properties make them safe for floors; don’t forget that the product is resistant to cold, heat, sun and UV rays.

      In Canada, the temperature variation in a year can be enormous. Imagine the variation of 80°C (from the sensation of temperatures of 40°C in summer down to -40°C); then, freeze-thaw cycles are more and more frequent. Imagine what this performance can bring in countries where the temperature is more constant! In addition, the average temperature increases constantly, which brings more importance to the use of materials capable of adapting to the expansions and compressions due to this phenomenon.
      Its great covering power of the Texnov acrylic coating to cover approximately 9.5 m2 with a small 7 L container.

      Find out more about what Texnov has for you at www.texnov.com



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