How to apply acrylic sealer on concrete?

Do you have a concrete wall that needs to be covered with a new texture? Acrylic fillers are a good choice. Concrete panels are a decorative element that can enhance an entire room.
Acrylic coatings can be applied to a multitude of surfaces, such as concrete panels; use acrylic sealers over a concrete panel for a clean, contemporary look and added durability.
First of all, you can count on Texnov’s acrylic coatings to repair or enhance the aesthetics of any interior or exterior surface.
Concrete panels are a good example. Either to build decorative walls around your shower, behind a gas fireplace or anywhere in your home; the acrylic coating will bring a touch of elegance to your new space.
Enhance the entire bathroom with an acrylic plaster finish.
Texnov is a local manufacturer of construction products; either elastomeric membranes, base coats or finishing coats. Texnov provides construction contractors with quality products. Texnov products are also available from a network of renovation centers in Quebec, Ontario and elsewhere in the world. Please visit this link to access the interactive retailer map.
Acrylic surfaces are washable and repairable.

Procedure for the preparation and application of acrylic plaster on a concrete surface

First of all, the application of acrylic coating on concrete is broken down into three stages:

  1. the preparation stage
  2. the application of the coating
  3. protection (with a sealant)

Please follow this link to read, print or download the general Texnov acrylic coating application procedure.

Using an acrylic sealer over a concrete panel will provide the desired look, durability and cleanliness.


Concrete panel ( Durock or Permabase brand)

Procedure :

The concrete panels finished in acrylic to give a contemporary and minimalist look.


Procedure :

  • Install a coat of topcoat on theSand-Tex Acrylic Coating or Rus-Tex (use a trowel) or 2 coats ofTexNov acrylic coating (use a brush or roller with 10 mm bristles) leave 24 hours between each coat.
  • Allow the surface to dry for 24 hours in good weather before applying the sealant.
The application of acrylic coatings requires expertise.


After doing the surface preparation and the application of the filler (if necessary)…

Procedure :

  • On a floor, install 2 coats of Sealant Met-30 . Use brush or roller with 10 mm bristles (24 hours between each coat).
  • Allow the surface to dry for 24 hours in good weather.
Concrete walls enhance the rustic look of any room in the house
Imitation concrete texture with acrylic coatings


Finally, last cleaning of the surface with the TexNov Surface Preparer (dilute 9 parts of water / 1 Preparer). Then, let dry and add a coat of
Met-30 Sealer
every 3 years or as needed, which should keep your surface in good condition.

You read that right, using an acrylic sealer on a concrete panel is easy, affordable and most importantly, durable.

Faux concrete walls for a modern look


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