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Welcome to Formation 2023 – Texnov – TexPro – acrylic coatings

TexNov offers technical days to facilitate the transfer of knowledge to professionals.

Animated by our experts, these trainings are presented in the form of presentation and application sessions of acrylic coatings. Participants receive the training booklet with theoretical information, as well as practical workshops on the application of our products on different projects (exterior balconies, foundations, pool surrounds, exterior coatings and others).

TexNov offers the 2023 – Texnov – TexPro – Acrylic Coatings course, during which participants will become experts in the application of acrylic coatings using a trowel, roller and gravitational gun.

Discover the result of the application of different preparation and finishing coatings on concrete, aluminum, aggregate, masonry, wood and other surfaces.

open format

The format of the 2023 – Texnov – TexPro – acrylic coatings training sessions is open, which means that during the session, our trainers adapt the topics according to the existing needs.

Do you need to brush up on your foundation repair knowledge? From the balcony entrance? To redo bathroom walls? All this is explained in one day by our experienced representatives.

In addition, bring your ideas for future projects to have the advice and practices adapted to your current needs.

Learn more about the application of our products according to your future projects!


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Spring 2023 Sessions:

Practical training in acrylic coatings


The training sessions Formation 2023 – Texnov – TexPro – acrylic coatings are held in our offices in Sherbrooke and Laval

TexNov Laval Offices

954 Berlier Street
Laval, Quebec
Canada H7L 4K5

Please contact David Kirouac at 1 450 967-2622

Join us and take part in the TexPro technical days!

Upcoming sessions: February 2023

Why choose an acrylic coating?

Acrylic coatings are popular finishes for exterior walls. They offer many advantages in terms of strength, aesthetics and durability. TexNov has been manufacturing acrylic coatings since 1988 in several ranges, from roller-laid coatings to trowel-laid acrylic coatings.

Texnov products can be used both indoors and outdoors, on walls, floors and ceilings.

When it comes to choosing a cladding for exterior walls, especially foundation walls, there are several options on the market: parging and acrylic cladding. But which one to use?

Its appearance in the 60s, the acrylic coating has improved, among other things, thanks to technological development, which makes it possible to apply acrylic coatings resistant to extreme temperature changes from here.

Today’s building standards now require solutions that steer the public towards acrylic solutions.

TexNov specializes in the manufacture of coatings developed from 100% acrylic polymers, adapted to our local climate.

TexNov’s acrylic coatings result in a fast and durable application, allowing an air and water barrier while remaining elastic for an increased lifespan.

Upcoming Sessions: Spring 2023

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