The training sessions had started

At TexNov, We are committed to customer service. To launch the coming season, TexNov is organizing introductory and advanced training sessions for the application of acrylic coatings.

March 22 was the first of three sessions, all in the success of participation and satisfaction.

Our hosts, representatives Michel Inkel and David Kirouac offered a presentation session on acrylic coatings on concrete surfaces.

Tuesday, March 22 was our first post-Covid training session.

15 exceptional entrepreneurs answered the call, having gathered at the offices of TexNov Laval; at the moment they are ready to start the season with TexNov and TexPro acrylic coatings.

During the morning, the company presentation, the advantages of acrylic coatings on several substrates and surfaces.

Practical training in acrylic coatings

In the afternoon, practices on panels of several substrates and on Quik-R to show the on-site application of acrylic coatings to repair, prepare, protect and embellish walls, floors, foundations and others.

Service to contractors


At TexNov, we understand that the basis of success is preparation, and to prepare, nothing better than continuous training and the presentation of new products.


What differentiates TexNov is the customer service, which translates into project support, the assembly of architectural quotes, support for the development of customer skills, both consumers and construction professionals.


The training of our clients’ human resources is a turnkey service to ensure good practice and results with the highest levels of satisfaction.


TexNov has made available to construction professionals and consumers a complete range of acrylic coatings for the repair, preparation and protection of architectural surfaces in several textures and colors ; in addition, you can obtain everything necessary for the installation and application of the products, such as fiberglass mesh, mechanical fasteners, rollers or other necessary tools.

The training program


Among the points covered during the training  :

  • the advantages of acrylic plasters  ;
  • the TexNov difference;
  • the differences between acrylic sealers and exterior paint.


The difference of Texnov coatings

TexNov products provide several advantages, including the fact of having the new line of products for professionals TexPro, the new coating to repair asphalt driveways Pave-Tex and the superior quality products TexNov.


In addition, the commitment to its customers, which allows TexNov to organize training sessions.

The advantages of acrylic coatings

TexNov acrylic coating restores beauty and value to architectural structures easily, quickly and inexpensively. In addition, TexNov beautifies, protects and increases the value of instant buildings.


Acrylic products have the characteristic of creating an air and water barrier that protects the structure of any building from the weather, keeping walls, floors, paved entrances, foundations and other surfaces as the first day, and for years.


Resistance builds up

The TexNov coating is durable and is not affected by:

  • traditional temperature differences, salt and calcium  ;
  • UV rays;
  • abrasion and impact.
Texnov Surface Preparator is an extremely effective high performance commercial cleaner.

Safety first

Floors covered with TexNov coatings are much safer. The texture and the formulation based on acrylic polymers give it resistant properties.

In addition, its air-barrier and water-barrier capabilities allow the surface to weather, extending the life of several years.

So TexNov coatings offer you increased safety for your floors and unequaled protection and durability.


Great durability

TexNov and TexPro coatings are formulated with entirely acrylic polymers  ; its advantage, projects much more durable than painting.

Products formulated with polymers 100  % show high elasticity, which prevents it from cracking or splitting.


The vapor permeability of TexNov allows surfaces to breathe. In particular, the walls of rooms in indoor pools, spas, whirlpools (most paints do not allow surfaces to breathe, causing bloating and peeling)


TexNov easily lasts two to three times longer than paint, plus eliminates the hassle of regularly scraping, sanding and painting every spring.

Produits TexNov

Huge choice of 96 colors


Choose TexNov not just for its durability capabilities, but also for its peerless aesthetic.

The TexNov range comes in several formats, and the color chart is almost 100 different colors, to adapt to any project.

TexNov products are premixed, eliminating any uncertainty or risk of error.

They are ready to use and save time, keeping for about three years in their original packaging.


Easy to maintain

Acrylic surfaces are washable; just washing with a low-pressure water jet is enough to restore the original shine to the TexNov coating.

So simple and so beautiful: new and safe surfaces for a long time.


TexNov and TexPro: much more than paint


The acrylic resin that goes into the composition of TexNov / TexPro has several advantages:


  • Acrylic based on polymer resins (which are binders) provide a certain elasticity to the coating and increased adhesion power.
  • Better grip in humid atmosphere
  • Excellent resistance to chipping, blistering
  • Resistance to alkaline products
  • Easy to apply
  • Water-based product (easy maintenance of brushes)
  • Fast drying
  • Does not give off any odor

Upcoming training sessions

The training will have a second session on March 29 (places filled) and also on April 6 to present the products, practice on balcony repair, foundation repair and interior and exterior wall finishing.


To take advantage of one of the last places available, please contact David Kirouac at (514) 248-5166 or by email


The training will take place in our Montreal / North Shore offices at 954 Rue Berlier, Laval, QC H7L 4K5


Please visit to find out more.

Warning  : This article was written with the intention of informing and entertaining. The company takes no responsibility for any work done without professional supervision. Your best ally is your general contractor.