What is Texnov?

First , TexNov is a local manufacturer of high-performance, durable and easy-to-apply acrylic coatings .

Since 1988, TexNov has been committed to offering unparalleled quality products , such that they are suitable for extreme conditions, for increased durability.

TexNov manufactures products for the preparation, repair, finishing and protection of interior and exterior surfaces. Visit the applications tab to discover the versatility of the products offered.

Texnov is located in Sherbrooke, QC, with a warehouse on the North Shore to serve the greater Montreal area. The company also has representatives abroad, which facilitates national and international operations.

Think Texnov

So think TexNov for new construction or renovation projects. TexNov offers you a wide range of solutions that will add value to your building. In addition to their architectural capabilities, Texnov’s acrylic coatings enhance its aesthetics. As a result, this increases its value by protecting it from the elements for years.

Visit theAdvice Center. We update this tab regularly; here you can find product application tips, project examples and other industry information.

It must be said that in the catalog of TexNov solutions, liquid elastomeric membranes , air and water barriers , products for protecting your interior and exterior floors, products for repairing damaged foundations, entrance protectors paved and much more.

In conclusion, TexNov solutions are products made here, for the most extreme conditions.

Texnov and research

First of all, TexNov has its own laboratory; because of this, the company has the capacity to test and validate new solutions.

All of this allows us to confirm that Texnov products comply with building code standards, and even exceed them in quality tests!

After that, our products are formulated and tested to offer you effective and easy-to-apply solutions. TexNov’s RetD has made it possible to formulate products in 100% acrylic polymers for optimal results while respecting our environment and your health.

View the following video for a demonstration of coating application on a concrete floor

Find out what TexNov can do for you by visiting our website here.

Ultimately, TexNov is a company committed to the environment, find out more here.

Choose TexNov solutions, designed and tested for our local needs!

Disclaimer: We present this article for the purpose of informing and entertaining you. The company takes no responsibility for any work done without professional supervision. Your best ally is your trusted contractor.