How to use TexNov products?

TexNov acrylic coatings apply easily and they stay put for years to come. TexNov is easy to apply, and its results will match the most challenging projects!

With acrylic fillers you can create textures easily; just choose your product at TexNov.

TexNov acrylic coating

In addition, Texnov offers one of the most varied color palettes, with almost a hundred colors available; so don’t hesitate, choose TexNov for results that live up to your dreams!

TexNov is easy to apply, but an expert can give the unique texture.
Placing stucco is a task that requires experience.


First, manufacturers of acrylic coatings, such as TexNov inc. offer you specialized textures; to do this, they use aggregates of different sizes (sand) to achieve custom finishes. However, this will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. These aggregates are factory-mixed in an automated way with acrylic polymers, which guarantees the same product batch after batch, without forgetting the advantages of increased adhesion and resistance.

Coatings show their colors

In addition, the coatings stand out for the richness of their color palette . Specifically, the colors are one of the strengths of acrylics, as they are very rich and vibrant and very consistent, meaning there is virtually no color variation from one bucket to the next. Imagine starting a project and your boiler is finished; with your color code, you will be guaranteed to have the exact same finish again.

TexNov is, without a doubt, the easy choice for successful projects. In addition, by purchasing TexNov, TexPro and Pave-Tex products, you encourage the local economy and ensure that you have products adapted to the harshest climate conditions.

There are so many colors to choose from and they differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. The colours are liquid and usually come premixed or in a small bottle or container.

TexNov products are the perfect solution for any project, so let’s build something great together!

The color chart consists of almost 100 variations, for successful projects with Texnov


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Application of acrylic coatings

As a result, TexNov is easy to apply, but it requires following the steps. The application process starts first with a coat of primer, a kind of paint base that is applied to the surfaces to seal them first; this step helps extend the working time of the material at the same time.

Depending on the current condition of the surface, a repair coat will be required. Either to level an uneven surface or to fill shallow cracks, repair fillers will be your ally. Plus, its applicability makes it a less expensive choice than other coatings!

Wall and floor coatings can be applied to a variety of materials, from brick to stucco, gypsum, wood, concrete and more.

For details, please visit the general procedure for installing acrylic plasters here.

Repair with fillers easily

During repairs to stucco houses , cracks are normally found, which facilitate the appearance of water and air infiltration. With acrylic coatings, everything is repairable; moreover, this product gives it increased protection against harsh weather impact. It must be said that the application of TexNov is easy, although expertise is essential. The least expensive choice is often to do business with a knowledgeable contractor! To learn more about how to find your contractor, please read the following article: “Choosing your contractor”.


TexNov is easy to apply, but it takes experience
Acrylic installation requires experience


It must be said that it is easy to apply, repairing a surface with acrylic fillers requires expertise. A contractor’s eye will be able to tell whether to undo the existing finish and start over, or simply fix it. It may be necessary to add a fibreglass mesh; this will create a highly resistant framework capable of receiving the new topcoat.

Then the finish coat is either troweled or sprayed on and applied evenly and evenly. Additional techniques are used to achieve certain textures and finishes. Although it’s easy to apply TexNov, don’t hesitate to do business with a specialist!


Since when you are on-site, any help is welcome, we thought it appropriate to provide a printable checklist.

So you may ask yourself: how to dilute the product? What is covering power? What thickness should I lay?. It’s easy to apply TexNov! but here is a little nudge.

In short, we have what you need, a cheat sheet tool. Please click on the image to print it:

Simplified procedure for using acrylic plasters
Click on the image and print the checklist

Featured house of the month

Certainly, our blog is dedicated to all those who appreciate acrylic coatings, its results and its wide list of advantages, both aesthetic and structural.

In fact, we make efforts to bring you interesting content, like this article; the goal is to animate our community of friends and customers. For this new article you are reading, we are starting a new section called “the featured house”.

Indeed, not because it’s easy to use, that the projects are simple; like what, let’s go and watch dream houses!

This is what we found on the “Amazing Architecture” website; neither more nor less than a spectacular residence textured in the acrylic coating. Click on the images to see the details:

Architectural coatings stand out for their ease of application, increased surface protection and richness of textures and colours.

Coating characteristics

So that acrylic coatings, also called elastomeric, offer a wide range of advantages, both aesthetic and architectural qualities, they will be able to adapt to many freeze-thaw cycles. Plus, it’s easy to apply TexNov!

In other words, they offer you architectural and aesthetic properties.

Here are a few:

Advantages of ease of application of plasters:

  • The application of acrylic coatings is easy (at least, easier than applying other coatings)
  • This type of material is resistant to hairline cracks mainly due to its elasticity and ability to stretch.
  • The colours are bright and vibrant and there is virtually no colour variation from seal to seal.
  • Can be mixed using a drill with a mixing paddle attachment and does not require a mixer.
  • The finish can be painted in the future if you ever wanted to change the colour.
  • Acrylic coatings are a durable solution.
TexNov is easy to apply
Repair of traditional stucco with acrylic stucco.

Perfection does not exist, neither in life nor in building materials; So, here are some disadvantages:

The disadvantages of acrylic plasters:

  • The cost of acrylics is higher compared to a cement-based finish, due to the acrylic polymers used in the material.
  • Its application requires a little more skill to apply, as it dries a little faster than the traditional finish. In addition, using a trowel requires expertise, being more complex than painting with a roller. Hiring a specialized contractor is strongly recommended.
  • It may be limited stock, depending on where you live, not all vendors stock this and it may be special order material. For TexNov products, you will find a list of retailers below, or go to the counter in Sherbrooke, QC or Laval, QC. to get it now. TexNov takes care to train retailers to offer you an informed choice.
Protecting a wooden patio from bad weather with TexNov is easy to apply
Acrylic coatings are a good solution for vertical or horizontal surfaces, on a variety of surfaces. See the documentation center for details.

So don’t wait any longer and use TexNov acrylic coatings with confidence. Now you know how easy it is to apply TexNov!

Discover how to repair foundations with TexNov acrylic coatings

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      Although acrylic coatings are easy-to-install products, we strongly encourage the hiring of a professional. TexNov inc. is not responsible for any work done without the supervision of a professional. TexNov is easy to apply, but the easiest way is to have the work done by an expert.


      The featured home is from the publication of “SF Historic: Renovation of a historic Italian Renaissance style home in San Francisco, California by Walker Warner Architects”. Find out more:

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