TexNov: reinventing together

First, construction sites produce phenomenal quantities ­waste dumps. No wonder, then, that TexNov inc. the leader in the manufacture of architectural coatings, is a manufacturer of sustainable building materials, and sets itself the goal of reducing waste, one boiler at a time!

Ecological construction with architectural coatings

Who is TexNov?

First of all, Texnov is a manufacturing company that specializes in the production of coatings based on acrylic polymers, used to coat the exterior and interior walls of family homes, commercial and industrial buildings, schools, churches, etc. TexNov is concerned about its footprint in the ecosystem, for this, the company plans to develop its building materials in a sustainable way.

So these coatings are available in 96 colors and different textures. Please visit this link to learn more.

Please visit this link to learn more about the company: https://texnov.com/a-propos/

A thoughtful approach

Above all, the company’s vision and sustainable building materials lead it to undertake a series of actions, all with the aim of mitigating the impact of climate change.

So, it is no coincidence that in the lines of the company we find the following:

“Texnov, for comfortable homes in sustainable environments”.

The obstacles raised during the process affect all phases of production of architectural coatings, from ordering ingredients to delivery and recycling. Making sustainable building materials is not an easy goal. In addition, being very aware that the positive spin-offs for the environment very often result in higher costs, the company owes it to its shareholders and to its competitiveness.

It should not be taken lightly that the use of ecological, biocompostable and low VOC materials also requires more time and work and increases the unforeseen. Among other challenges, the market does not offer biodegradable containers capable of supporting heavy products; moreover, acrylic products capable of withstanding the weight of years very often require the use of ingredients with low potential for recyclability.

Repair of traditional stucco with acrylic stucco.

So, what do we do to take care of the environment?

First of all, it should be noted that Texnov inc. presents this article to you as part of its communication strategy. Manufacturers only make products, but Texnov decides to do a little more. This blog is proof of Texnov’s commitment to its customers; inform you how to use quality products and compare them with other existing solutions; this is our contribution to keep consumers and construction professionals informed.

Bohemian style with pre-colored architectural coatings.


The secret is on the details

In short, sustainable development is at the heart of TexNov’s concerns. The company is committed to the quality of its products to guarantee the sustainability of projects, for more comfortable homes and more sustainable environments.

The new TexNov building is energy efficient, thanks to its exterior cladding.


Sustainable development requires an integrated approach that takes into account environmental concerns and economic development.

Provided that TexNov acrylic coatings make it possible to protect new homes and homes being renovated from bad weather and damage from water and air infiltration. In addition, its research and development department has perfected the use of 100% acrylic polymers of the latest technology, capable of increasing the value of any home or commercial or industrial building, reducing its impact on the environment and thus d to assume its social responsibility.

All with products that are easy to apply and of unequaled durability.

Coatings also allow for textured, rough finishes. Artisans use it for unique walls.

7 solutions for a more sustainable tomorrow

  1. Texnov has invested in setting up an internal scrap recovery and recycling system capable of treating 100% of its industrial waste related to the manufacture of EPS moldings (Polystyrene and Polypropylene).
  2. The products are made in Quebec, minimizing the need to buy foreign products high in CO2.
  3. TexNov products are water-based (not harmful to the environment or to the health of users).
  4. Active player in the circular economy: TexNov has invested in the purchase of a granulator for the transformation of scrap; the scrap is granulated and melted down and then sent to processors who will make derivative products.
  5. Investments in the new fleet of vehicles. TexNov provides hybrid vehicles for its sales force, reducing its environmental footprint.
  6. The purchase of new energy-efficient delivery trucks; Reducing fuel consumption and atmospheric pollution is a strategic action.
  7. Implementation of a waste recovery policy, which protects our community and its environment.
The use of TexNov acrylic coatings requires few tools, minimizing waste.

Local purchasing and Texnov

When we buy products of any kind, we can keep the lowest price, with this, we believe to save money.

First, when shopping, consumers are tempted to buy the cheapest materials; in a way, we all like to spend less, but not at the expense of quality.

The U.S. Army was one of the first to use the coatings for its overseas bases.


Second, building materials must match local conditions, including weather conditions, humidity levels, exposure to high winds, snow, frost, etc.

In any case, buying local means investing in your community, supporting local workers and making sure you maintain a clean environment. Here are some benefits of using locally made building products:


Effectively, local businesses pay their employees based on local rates, which creates financial stability for the local community, but they also spend money on other local businesses. By buying local, we all help create jobs for your family, friends and neighbors, help improve public infrastructure and invest in the community, both socially and economically.

Plus, buying locally also means you know more about quality control; imported goods have been designed to meet construction standards in other countries, as well as for specific needs in other realities.

In short, not all international products are meant to endure freeze-thaw cycles like we do here in Canada.

When purchasing imported building materials, it is important to be aware that manufacturing processes and potentially harmful chemicals and by-products can be harsh. Usually, internationally made products are designed for the conditions of that country, and cheapness is not always an advantage when it means products with poor ingredients.

Repair plasters make it possible to repair and embellish existing structures, which facilitates the survival of walls and floors, without producing new waste.

Please visit this link to know all the Products

Texnov architectural coatings make it possible to repair damaged surfaces
Coating a brick surface to enhance its appearance

How to take advantage of it?

Think TexNov for your next renovation and construction projects. Since 1988, TexNov has been responding to the demands of the most informed consumers, developing the company and its products to the requirements of the normative authorities.

TexNov is building a better tomorrow, one site at a time. So don’t hesitate any longer and let’s build something great together!

cover the brick with architectural coatings
Exterior brick wall finished in acrylic coating.

Where to find TexNov products?

TexNov products can be found in a wide network of retailers, as well as in its two service counters in Sherbrooke and Laval.

Please use this interactive map to identify the retailer nearest you:

      Exterior wall coatings to create a relaxing atmosphere



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