Place the customer culture at the heart of the company’s concerns


“The customer first” here is the leitmotif claimed by Texnov.

Indeed, to put the customer at the center of concerns, the company has adopted an optimized customer culture, based on personalized visits, continuous training, presence at sector fairs and support for professional and consumer projects. . A culture that was first promoted by general management, then explained and passed on to all employees.

Training sessions with retailers are ongoing, which ensures a good understanding of the products and their applications.

A new training session dedicated to construction contractors took place this week, and it was the second in a row.

During this new event, we presented our TexNov, TexPro and Pave-Tex product lines to a cohort of construction professionals.

During this session, theoretical information and practical workshops, which demonstrated the capabilities of the products and the characteristics of the house envelope systems on different substrates, textures and colors.

Among the products, participants had the opportunity to learn about acrylic coatings to prepare, repair, protect and beautify new buildings or renovations, adapted to each budget, each project and each lifestyle.

The third and final training session in this series will take place on April 6 at our facilities in Laval ; please visit the link for details (training for professionals).


Here are some details of the topics covered:

Acrylic coating, also called architectural coating, is an exterior coating made from polymers , usually acrylic. This product consists mainly of two layers: the base coat and the finish coat.

First layer: More commonly known as the base layer, this layer is a mixture of acrylic polymer and Portland cement , a fiberglass mesh is incorporated into this layer, this makes it a very resistant to shocks and which does not crack. When dry, it has a grayish color.

Second layer: More commonly called finish, composed of polymers, it contains the color. Once the second coat dries, this durable coating will retain its appearance for many years.

TexNov / TexPro acrylic filler is versatile, it can be applied on several surfaces, such as wood, concrete, gypsum, insulating formwork and others. The most common are expanded polystyrene , lightweight concrete panels and Quick-R type insulation.


Over the years, TexNov has been able to develop a complete range of products to adapt to any construction project, because the solutions offered serve architectural, structural and aesthetic needs at the same time; all to offer a full range of textures and colors.

Did you know that :

Architectural plasters were developed in Europe after World War II and were initially used to consolidate masonry walls. This system was introduced to North America in the 1960s and became more popular in the mid-1970s due to the oil embargo and the surge in interest in energy-efficient insulation systems. .

The use of plaster on a substrate , specially designed for this purpose, is a typically North American technique. This technique is now used all over the world, both in Europe and in the Pacific .

In North America, acrylic coating was originally used on commercial buildings; the expanding market has caused prices to drop, therefore it is beginning to be used more and more on private homes.


From the beginning, Texnov has set up its human team at the service of customers, for this, the company has implemented an extensive communication strategy, focused on training and customer service.

Thought on a human scale, TexNov’s strategy is manifested by representatives entirely dedicated to ensuring the level of knowledge and satisfaction of consumer customers, retailers and construction professionals.

On the one hand, Mr. Gilles Roy ensures that our network of retailers is trained on the products and the details of its application.

On the other hand, Mr. David Kirouac ensures distribution, project follow-up and development on the territory of Montreal and North Shore .

Mr. Michel Inkel, organizer of our recent participation in the National Home Show, also a trainer for the construction contractor community.

Our presence in Ontario is ensured by our colleague, Mr. Ralph Younes, who specializes in technical aspects with the national building standards authorities.

Please visit to learn more.

Disclaimer: This article was written to inform and entertain. The company takes no responsibility for any work done without professional supervision. Your best ally is your family contractor.


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