Preparation and application procedure

Procedure :

  • If your concrete is covered with paint or sealant, remove the paint using a sandblaster, diamond grinder or other appropriate means.
  • Clean the surface with a 2500 pound water pressure washer with rotary jet, gasoline engine, available at tool rental centers.
  • Dilute the TexNov Surface Preparer according to the table.
  • If the concrete surface is dry, dampen before applying TexNov Surface Preparer.
  • Brush on the TexNov Surface Preparer.
  • Rinse well with a pressure washer 15 minutes after its application.
  • Let the surface dry for 48 hours in good weather.
  • Repair cracks or level the surface with TexNov All Purpose Polymer or TexNov 200.
  • Let the surface dry for 24 to 48 hours in good weather before applying the finishing coat.
Not recommended.
Procedure for surface resurfacing:

  • Apply two coats of Met-30 TexNov Sealer, leaving 24 hours between each coat.
  • Let the surface dry for 24 hours in good weather before walking on it.

After doing the surface preparation…

Procedure for surface protection:

  • Apply 2 coats of Met-30 Sealer (24 hours between each coat) or Met-HD TexNov (48 hours between each coat).
  • Let the surface dry for 24-48 hours in good weather before walking on it.


Clean the surface with TexNov Surface Preparer at a dilution of 9 parts water to 1 part product. Let dry and add a coat of Met-30 or Met-HD Sealer every 3 years or as needed, which should allow you to keep your surface in good condition. IMPORTANT: For the passage and / or parking of vehicles a 30 day curing period will be required.