General application in 4 easy steps

TexNov products can be used independently of each other…
For more details, consult the application to various surfaces data sheet to see the many possibilities.


To ensure quality results, it is important to prepare your surface properly. Acrylic adheres more to a clean surface and will last longer.

TexNov Concrete Conditioner
TexNov Surface Cleaner


Before applying the acrylic coating, it is important that the surface does not have any factures.

Multi-Use Polymer TexNov


Apply the acrylic coating following a thorough cleaning.

Acrylic Coating TexNov


A protective sealant is recommended for a wide variety of surfaces.  It helps general maintenance and the durability of your surface.

MET-30 TexNov
WRS-40 TexNov
Met-HD TexNov

“Aluminum Facing” VS “TexNov Coating”

It is more than four and-a-half times more expensive to renovate with aluminum than with TexNov

See this exemple for an 1,600 square-foot home surface :

Aluminum Facing

Removal of facing:
35hr. @ $15/hr. $525
New aluminum facing:
$3 per sq. ft. $4,800
90hr. @ $15/hr. $1,350
Total: $6,675

TexNov Coating

Metal cleaning:
5hr. @ $15/hr. $75
Biodegradable surface prepper:
2 gallons $80
Two applications of TexNov:
35hr. @ $15/hr. $525
Total : $1,480