General application in 4 easy steps

TexNov products are the result of research and development carried out in our own laboratories. Through multiple chemical experiments, TexNov has developed a unique polymeric formulation resulting in optimized products for more comfortable and durable constructions.
For more details, consult the application on different surfaces to see the multiple possibilities.


To ensure an optimal result, it is important to properly prepare your surface The acrylic coating will adhere better to a clean surface and will last longer.

  • Concrete conditioner.
  • Surface preparation.


Before applying the acrylic coating, it is important that the surface is without breakage.

All purpose polymer

TexNov 200

  • PRX
  • LT


After a good cleaning, you can apply the acrylic coating.

TexNov acrylic coating

  • Fine grain
  • Regular grain




A protective sealant is recommended for a wide variety of surfaces. It helps in the general maintenance and durability of your surface.

  • MET-30 TexNov
  • WRS-40 TexNov
  • MET-HD TexNov
  • Gelnov Ultra

“Aluminum cladding VS Texnov cladding

TexNov solutions allow you to save on your construction or renovation investments compared to the use of commonly used aluminum siding.

Here is an example for a 1,600 square foot home, based on November 2022 prices

Aluminum cladding

Siding removal: 35 hours of work at $40 = $1400

New siding: 5$ *1600 square feet = 8000$.

Labor: 35 hours of work at $40/hr = $1400

_____________________________ 10 800$

TexNov acrylic coating

Metal cleaning: 5 hours of work $40 per hour: $200

Surface preparation: 2 gallons at 59.75$ = 119.5$.

5 containers of 18.9L finishing coat at $272 = $1360

Labor : 35h at 40$/h = 1400$.

_____________________________ 3079.50$

Note: this table is presented as an example and to offer you a comparison between the costs related to the replacement of aluminum siding versus TexNov acrylic siding.

Please consult a contractor to validate hourly rates.