Preparation ans application procedure


  • Rinse the surface with a 3500 lb. pressure washer with rotating nozzle.
  • Clean with TexNov Surface Preparer.
  • Vigorously brush the surface and allow 15 minutes for it to act keeping the surface wet.
  • Rinse the surface thoroughly with a pressure washer.
  • Let the surface dry over a period of 48 hours of good weather before applying the sealant.
After preparing the surface…


  • Directly apply 2 coats of Met-HD Sealant (48 hours between each coat) onto the surface. Use a brush or roller with 10 mm bristles.
  • Let the surface dry for 24 hours.


Clean the surface with TexNov Surface Preparer (3 water / 1 Preparer). Let dry and add a coat of Met-HD Sealant every 3 years or as needed. This should enable you to keep your surface in good condition.