Presentation of the TexPro brand

We offer you the following article as part of the presentation of the new range of TexPro acrylic coatings.

Renovating our brand IS ALSO BUILDING TRUST!

The company TexNov inc. is proud to unveil its new range of TexPro products , dedicated to the repair, protection and finishing of work by professionals.

Under this new entity, TexNov brings together acrylic coatings for professionals, products for the restoration and construction of residential, industrial and institutional buildings on all types of substrate, concrete, parging, stucco, brick, gypsum panels and more.

Whether for your restoration or new construction projects, TexNov is your one-stop supplier for all your needs in exterior cladding, interior and exterior floors, foundation slabs and more.

The new TexPro range is presented on a new identity, making it easier to identify the characteristics of the different products.

Product labeling

On the new container labels, construction professionals will find icons with the covering power, the necessary tools, the main properties of the product as well as a QR code to have a quick access to the technical literature of each product.

For newer smart phone devices, just use the photo camera and point it at the code; the device will automatically detect the code and offer you the internet link to the page of each product. For devices of previous generations, it is necessary to download a QR code reader application. Please access this link to know more details

TexNov is constantly innovating to keep the same place, the leader in the manufacture of acrylic coatings with unparalleled customer service.

Range of Texpro products

Among the new TexPro range, you will find up to 16 new products. See below the detail by type of product:

Textured plaster finish

The guarantee of the new TexPro game

The products of the new Texpro range are the result of laboratory research and field trials. For its formulation, the increased strength, unique flexibility, ease of application and durability exceed the quality standards of any building code standard.

Texpro products are designed here, for the most demanding weather conditions.

Think TexPro for your next projects, let’s build something amazing together!

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Disclaimer: This article “New range of TexPro acrylic coatings” has been written with the aim of informing and maintaining our link with our customers. The company takes no responsibility for any work done without professional supervision. Your best ally is your general contractor.