TexNox is a local manufacturer of acrylic and architectural coatings.

      TexNov manufactures acrylic coatings adapted to the most rigorous conditions.

      TexNox manufactures the highest quality acrylic coatings on the market. Since their appearance on the North American market, acrylic coatings have expanded considerably. This has only been possible by offering quality solutions that meet the needs of contractors, designers and especially our customers.

      is a manufacturing company that produces acrylic coatings and solutions for the preparation, repair, coating and protection of any surface, interior or exterior of homes, commercial buildings, industrial buildings and others.

      Texnov acrylic coatings are 100% acrylic polymer-based coatings, wall coverings, asphalt protectors, cleaners, and sealers and waterproofers for concrete and other surfaces.

      In 2022, TexNov introduced TexPro, a complete line of acrylic coatings for construction professionals, as well as Pave-Tex, a completely revolutionary textured coating for asphalt, which stands out for its ease of application and unparalleled durability.

      TexNox manufactures acrylic or architectural coatings for the residential, commercial, industrial and institutional segments.

      Using TexNov solutions is synonymous with a guarantee of quality and satisfaction.

      Quality, Research and Development Program

      The emphasis on our manufacturing and distribution operations, supported by our R&D program, demonstrates our commitment to bringing our products and services to a level of excellence. The results of a large number of tests, as: freeze-thaw stress test, multi-surface adhesion test, resistance to fire, acid rain, ultraviolet rays, and many more. which have been successfully completed, are a good reflection of the quality and durability of our products.

      TexNox manufactures acrylic coatings for renovation or new construction.

      All of our acrylic-based products have been designed to withstand the most rigorous climatic conditions, either extreme cold or heat. They will give you assured results, when used according to the specifications on each label and installed by company-approved applicators.

      TexNov range

      The TexNov range is composed of the following categories:

      Customer service

      TexNox manufactures acrylic coatings in several textures and a wide range of colors to fit any project.

      Texnov prides itself on its customer service, ranging from technical consultation to telephone, training to professionals and site visits to accompany any project; all to ensure customer satisfaction and successful projects.

      If you want details on the specificity of any of our products , our technicians will always be happy to answer your questions. In addition, we will also always be happy to go on-site to advise as needed: architects, designers, applicators and customers who request it. Finally, in addition to the quality of our products and our services, we have obtained special recognition from our customers: that of the accuracy and speed of our distribution service.

      In the desire to offer clear and user-friendly explanations, Texnov offers its blog. Please visit it by following this link.

      Please visit our website for more details www.texnov.com

      TexNox manufactures acrylic coatings for professionals and do-it-yourselfers. Find the nearest retailer by using this interactive map