Asphalt resurfacing – an easy and durable project

Having your driveway paved is a major investment that will improve the quality of life and enhance the image of your home. At TexNovwe are aware of this, and to help you protect your investment, we have designed the Pave-Tex.

The Pave-Tex is the ultimate solution to protect and enhance the original look of your paved driveway.

For this project, you will need the TexNov Surface Preparer, the Texnov Crack Filler and the Pave-Tex.

Ask your trusted retailer for products or use the interactive map to find the retailer nearest you.

A project of a few hours, for optimal results for ten years!

Before you start, make sure the weather is good for two or three days in a row and without possibility of showers; the temperature should not drop below 10 degrees. This will be your guarantee for an optimal application, the Pave-Tex will spread and adhere to your asphalt easily and in a durable way.

How to repair a driveway?

So, if you’re wondering “How do I repair a paved driveway? here arethe steps to follow:

Step 1 – Setting up the surface

To repair your asphalt, you must first prepare the surface. To do this, trim the grass edges and clean out all the dirt, dust and debris then rinse the asphalt driveway and use the strongest water jet possible. Ideally, use a gas-powered pressure washer.

Clean any stain with a brush with bristles and TexNov’s Surface Preparer. This will prevent the surfacing of the task after the application of the new layer.

Step 2 – Cleaning oil stains

Small engine oil leaks are common, and you’ll probably find them on your driveway; locate and remove them.

Still hotthe oil penetrates into the pores of the asphalt and becomes very difficult to remove.

For its viscosity, the oil seeps into the pores of the asphalt, resulting in very difficult to remove. Please use a specific product to clean any oil dirt, this will allow the Pave-Tex from create a uniform and perfectly bonded layer over your existing asphalt. TexNov offers you the Surface Preparer, a high-performance cleaner capable of preparing any surface during renovation projects.

Step 3 – Fill cracks with a putty knife

After cleaning up any oil dirt, repair existing cracks to optimally repair your asphalt.

For cracks of less than
three quarters
please use the Crack Filler
of TexNov
. Ask for the
-at your local your local retailer or use the interactive map to find one near you here.

Fill the crack to the brim and let it product hardenr according to label directions. For larger cracks, use a specific product to seal potholes, tamp them down and fill the hole to the brim. This way, there will be minimal shrinkage before applying the sealant as a resurfacing coat.

Step 4 – Repair Potholes if needed

Please use a specific product to seal cracks larger than three quarters of inch, holes, cracks or potholes.

Deeper holes will require more time to cure, so you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions. For deep cracks, you can fill a portion with sand and the rest with the appropriate filler.

Step 5 – Apply Pave-Tex Textured Coating

One of the great advantages of Pave-Tex is that it is easy to apply, usingcommon painting tools, such as a brush or roller.

Use the brush to trim the edges of your driveway and then the roller for the larger areas.

Follow the instructions carefully to respect the drying times of any product used; in general terms, a minimum of 2 hours drying time is allowed between the first and second coat. Walking on the surface requires a minimum of 24 hours of drying and driving with vehicles requires a minimum of 48 hours. The total cure takes only 14 days.

Pave-Tex will restore the look and feel of new asphalt in a matter of hours and its results will last for ten years.

Applying the Pave-Tex

End of the project – revive , seal and protect your asphalt in one weekend!

Repair your asphalt andlengthen its lifespan for ten years.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the drying time on the product sheet!

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Disclaimer: The article “How to Repair a Driveway?” was written to inform and entertain. The company takes no responsibility for any work done without professional supervision. Your best ally is your trusted contractor.