Cover a fireplace or the fireplace mantle with acrylic coating

How to renovate a brick structure with acrylic? Acrylic coatings can be applied to a multitude of surfaces. Either to repair, or to enhance its aesthetics, you can count on Texnov’s acrylic coatings.

How to renovate a brick structure with acrylic? Rethink your fireplace as part of the decor.

A beautiful fireplace enhances the decor of the entire living room

The brick of your fireplace mantle is stained? Is your chimney cracked? The brick wall has lost its former luster? Want to match the brick surface to your new decor? So coat it!

You will give it a new look at little cost. The right method in a few easy steps.

Texnov offers two product ranges, the Texnov range and the Texpro range.

The company TexNov inc . is proud to unveil its new range of TexPro products , dedicated to the repair, protection and finishing of work by professionals.

Under this new entity, TexNov brings together acrylic coatings for professionals, products for the restoration and construction of residential, industrial and institutional buildings on all types of substrate, concrete , roughcast , stucco , brick , panels of gypsum and more.

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The arrangement of tones with the rest of the house makes fireplaces one of the main points of interior design.

Repair steps for brick surfaces

1. Preparation

Procedure :

  • Thoroughly rinse the surface with a 2500 lb pressure washer.
  • Clean with TexNov Surface Preparer .
  • Vigorously brush the surface and leave to act for 15 minutes, keeping the surface damp.
  • Rinse the surface thoroughly with a pressure washer.
  • Leave the surface to dry for 48 hours in good weather.
Texnov offers up to 96 different colors for the top coat of its acrylic coatings.

2. Finishing plaster

Procedure :

  • In hot weather dilute with water (50 ml/per litre) to facilitate application.
  • Apply 2 coats of TexNov acrylic filler . Use a brush or roller with 10 mm bristles (24 hours between each coat).
  • Let the surface dry for 24 hours.


  • TexNov Acrylic Coating can be applied to almost all kinds of concrete roofing bricks or tiles provided they are in good condition.
A fine example of brickwork renovated with acrylic.

3. Sealant

Procedure :

  • You can apply TexNov Sealant WRS-40 (water-repellent sealant) to waterproof the surface. Use a brush, a roller with 10 mm bristles or a sprayer.
  • Let the surface dry for 24 hours.
Rethink your fireplace as part of the decor.

Maintenance :

  • Clean the surface with the TexNov Surface Preparer (6 parts water / 1 Preparer).
  • Let dry and add a coat of WRS-40 Sealer every 5 years or as needed, which should allow you to keep your surface in good condition.
The concrete look on an existing surface to enhance the entire look of the living room

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Texnov presents this article: “How to renovate a brick structure with acrylic? Rethink your fireplace as part of the decor” in order to inform you. The company takes no responsibility for any work performed without professional supervision. Although Texnov products are designed for ease of application, hiring an experienced contractor is your best guarantee of satisfaction.


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