Fall in love with your home again – a weekend project for lasting results

Whether you’ve been in your home for two or ten years, it can start to feel neglected after a while. Are you in search of how to fix cobblestone driveway? you are in the right place.

Renovated asphalt entrance

Surrounding conditions

Our changing winters and springs with highly variable temperatures put asphalt to the test, facilitating its early degradation. So fixing the paved driveway is something to consider.

You may end up keeping a newer and nicer house just to re-pave your driveway.

As they say: the lawn is greener next door !

Here’s the secret – any home will start to feel abandoned after a while. But with a few simple changes, you can breathe new life into your home and fall in love all over again. 🙂

asphalt after resurfacing

I’m not sure my new house will ever be as romantic to me as that beautiful old house in my dreams. But if I’ve learned anything about life so far, it’s that romance is often something we develop.

Raising our quality of life at home takes projects, and sometimes we don’t have the time, but easy solutions are right in front of us.

It is worth trying! The first thing people see on their way home (and we see it every day) is this cracked asphalt driveway. What a pity ! A trivial detail , but it gives the impression of an abandoned house.

Year after year, the cracks multiply., pieces of asphalt break off. You weigh your options: sealer, asphalt, concrete, pavers…

Entrance in cracked asphalt

What options exist?

Redo the asphalt

If you opt to redo the asphalt, expect an average cost of around $10 to $15 per square foot. But you may have to redo the bed of crushed stone under the asphalt, remove large rocks, which inflates the bill. For a standard entry, the bill can go beyond $10,000.


You can also choose a paving. We see very magnificent entrances made with beautiful patio slabs (about $3 per square foot), but your laying bed must be made with care, because it is necessary to have a good thickness of crushed material greater than one to two inches of stone dust, imagine the work!. The slabs can crack due to infiltration and freeze-thaw (forget heavy vehicles). The theory says that it is a very economical formula and broken tiles can be easily replaced, but in practice, the installation must be done with professional equipment. All without forgetting that, when leaving, you must have your damaged asphalt driveway removed.

Resurfacing with a 100% polymeric acrylic filler

Finally, heal and beautify instead of replacing. Some existing products claim to be sustainable, but very few are. The quality of the ingredients used, such as the polymers, will give the layer an elasticity capable of enduring the freeze-thaw, year after year, and this for as long as the duration of the asphalt itself.

Resurfacing with an acrylic coating is the most durable, easy to apply and economical solution on the market.

Recovery of the original look on asphalt

Why choose asphalt resurfacing?

Resurfacing is an inexpensive operation that is very advantageous for those who have an asphalt driveway.

After the resurfacer, you can also apply a sealer. The sealer will keep the aesthetic appearance longer and it will prevent the surface from deteriorating quickly.

We are talking about a very low expenditure on the square foot laid; plus is a do-it-yourself project. A pail of Pave-Tex will be sufficient to cover a standard size hallway, approximately 300 square feet, including the two necessary sofas.

Ask your home improvement center for your specific project. Find our nearest retailer using this interactive map:


      Here is the ideal project for a long weekend!

      A few years ago we paid someone to fix the asphalt driveway… it only cost a few hundred dollars but just the following fall, with the onset of cold weather, the cracks were back and the chandelier was faded away. It was very frustrating, although the product seemed to perform well, but after applying it with a roller, does not seem to just a coat of paint black!

      So we decided to call an asphalt company , but no ! It was quite a budget! Rebuilding our 200 sq. ft. would cost the equivalent of buying a new in-ground pool! The choice was difficult, but it was the pool that got the budget.

      The project to redo our entrance has gone to the bottom of the drawer… Now, we have taken up the project again and we have come across a new product. Our hardware store introduced us to Pave-Tex , a new resurfacing made here, in Quebec, for the extreme conditions of our winters.

      is a superior product to existing asphalt protectors on the market, but
      as durable as the asphalt itself, all at a
      of redoing your asphalt, and what’s more, you can do it yourself.

      We rolled up our sleeves and went to buy the Pave-Tex !

      Here are the steps to repairing his asphalt …and just to let you know, the results were beyond our own expectations.

      First of all, if your entrance is not too damaged, try to save it by pulling out the grass or the weeds which grow through then sprinkle with a few tablespoons of bleach. Seal these holes and all the cracks with TexNov Crack Filler.

      But if, like us, you need to go deeper, follow the easy steps described below.

      Did you know that :

      The lifespan of an asphalt driveway can vary from 10 to 30 years. Repairing the paved driveway can be done by companies or by yourself.

      The lifespan variation factors are:

      • How many cars use the entrance and how often;
      • The surrounding weather conditions;
      • Preparing the ground beforehand;
      • The quality of its maintenance; (close the cracks quickly)
      • The presence or absence of heavy vehicles.

      The paved entrance is the first element that catches the eye of passers-by!


      Choosing Pave-Tex is synonymous with durability! Ask your hardware store for Pave-Tex from Texnov today, you will be satisfied.

      Now that you know that Pave-Tex is positioned between existing protective asphalt repair products, and major reconstruction work on your asphalt, see how easy it is to repair your asphalt driveway by reading the following steps:

      Here are the instructions for repairing your asphalt driveway, in a durable, easy and economical way.

      1. Remove dust and debris from the asphalt surface. This step is very important, because a clean surface facilitates the adhesion of the new layer.

        Washing the paving with pressure water
      2. Clean oil and grease stains on asphalt with TexNov surface preparer .

        TexNov also a very powerful surface preparer, in addition it is biodegradable, for your health and that of the environment https://texnov.com/docs/texnov-preparateur-de-surface/ find it at your hardware store.

        The Texnov Surface Prep is an extremely effective, high-performance commercial cleaner.
      3. Seal the cracks on the entrance with T exNov Filler -fissure s .

        This step is very easy. Make sure any cracks are completely sealed to have a perfect surface. To do this, all you need is your putty knife and fill the cracks up to ¾ inch . For potholes, please use an appropriate product.

        Fill cracks easily, using a putty knife or a trowel.
      4. Apply Pave-Tex using a roller as indicated, respecting the drying time.

        Repairing the driveway paved with Pave-Tex is very simple, just as easy as painting the walls of the house. From the beginning, you will notice the consistency, which leaves a rough texture like asphalt, for a grip and durability unique. The product is hand-dried from the first hour.

        Roller resurfacing of asphalt. An easy, fast and durable step.
      5. Reviving, sealing and protecting your asphalt driveway in a single weekend is possible with Pave-Tex.

        Paved driveway repaired


      Foundation of the house repaired with TexNov coatings

      TexNov is a local company, synonymous with quality, and as you already know, it’s better to pay for the best product all at once, rather than paying for the cheapest and regretting it! If like them, you want to fall in love with your home again, think TexNov !

      Think TexNov for comfortable homes in sustainable environments.

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      Warning: This article “How to fix cobblestone driveway?” was written to inform and entertain. The company takes no responsibility for any work done without professional supervision. Your best ally is your trusted contractor.

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