Everything you want to know about micro concrete

What is micro-concrete?

The Texnov micro concrete has arrived!

Micro-concrete, often referred to as micro-cement, is a cementitious product that, as the name implies, is applied in very thin (micro) layers directly to the surface you wish to cover. Usually, the product is supplied in two components, i.e. a powder part (A) and a liquid part (B); these two parts will be mixed at the time of application and can be applied to almost any hard surface.

In our opinion, Texnov micro-concrete is a total game-changer for do-it-yourself project enthusiasts, decorators, and contractors alike, as it can transform those classic problems such as worn-out kitchen countertops and outdated-looking bathrooms, which until now have firmly forced expensive work and the inconvenience of cohabiting with a construction site for a few days.

Are micro-concrete and micro-cement the same product?

The question arises, because both denominations correspond to very similar products. Although micro-concrete and micro-cement can be applied to the same project, in reality, micro-cement is thinner, being laid in thin layers of between 0.8mm and 1mm; therefore, its application will only be for decorative purposes on surfaces not subject to wear. While micro-concrete is laid in layers of 2mm to 3mm and is also used for projects that require resistance to scratches, impact, cleaning and even cement repairs.

Texnov’s micro concrete comes in two sizes, to suit the needs of professionals and do-it-yourselfers.

Given TexNov’s recognized expertise in the construction materials field, TexBright is a product with aesthetic qualities and a solution that adds high resistance to any surface to endure daily use.

Don’t wait any longer, trust TexBright micro-concrete is the product you need for surfaces that look contemporary, durable and easy to apply.

Uses of micro-concrete

Micro concrete is a versatile product available in a range of colors. The available color options are evident in the image above.

As a result, micro-concrete is a great option for those who want to bring unique design elements and a contemporary finish to their projects. Micro-concrete is used for many applications, both residential and commercial.

Contractors and do-it-yourselfers use Texnov micro-concrete for projects such as kitchen surfaces, shelves, bathroom walls, columns, fireplace mantels, and wall accents because it offers a consistent, durable, and contemporary finish.

Of course, this material is durable and can be easily applied to both indoor and outdoor surfaces (yes, for your kitchen and outdoor furniture too). This is a great option for those looking to add a durable and affordable concrete aesthetic to floors or walls anywhere.

This material can be applied over a liquid peel and seal membrane, making it an ideal coating option for bathrooms and backsplashes in contemporary kitchens.

Complementary products

Depending on the application, you will need to consider certain complementary materials to Texnov micro concrete to complete the project:

  • For a kitchen countertop: leveling primer + micro concrete + penetrating sealer + surface sealer
  • On interior walls: leveling primer + micro concrete + penetrating sealer
  • On plywood: leveling primer + micro concrete + penetrating sealer
  • For shower walls: liquid waterproofing membrane + leveling primer + micro concrete + penetrating sealer + surface sealer
  • Existing floor covering: leveling primer + micro concrete + penetrating sealer + surface sealer
  • On outdoor furniture: liquid peel and seal membrane + leveling primer + micro concrete + penetrating sealer + surface sealer

Here’s how to renew your kitchen countertop

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, many consumers prefer remodeling to complete renovations. They are aesthetically pleasing rather than structural, less costly, less time consuming and allow you to achieve a whole new look.

With Texnov micro-concrete, we’re inspired by kitchen remodels as seen on Pinterest; countertops with a contemporary, modern and sustainable look. Click on the image below to access the image gallery.

What is TexBright?

The TexBright is the solution offered by the local company Texnov.

Texnov, a local manufacturer, has been distinguishing itself by the quality, durability and ease of application of its solutions since 1988.

Their Texnov micro-concrete is called “TexBright”; it offers a concrete-like finish for interior and exterior decorative projects. Of course, imagination is the only limit, as the following are only examples of the applications of Texnov TexBright:

In addition, Texnov micro concrete has been formulated to be easy to apply and feasible for everyone, from construction professionals to designers and DIY enthusiasts.

Application techniques

Its easy application leaves room for the use of a sponge or brush for the second coat to obtain artistic finishes or with the trowel for more uniform results. Don’t worry, with TexBright, you’ll get a nice concrete texture on virtually any surface.

Using Texnov’s TexBright is a guarantee for any project requiring durability and resistance, apart from its aesthetic properties. Unlike other products on the market, TexBright stands out for its adhesion on multiple surfaces, its durability and its increased resistance to abrasion. The resistance of the product is 30 MPA (concrete resistance measurement), which is several times higher than the reference products on the market, which are closer to the families of paints or micro cements.

It should be noted that TexNov uses its know-how with elastomeric polymers. TexBright’s acrylic polymers combine aesthetic and structural properties, making it an effective choice for style, durability and strength.

Finished concrete floor

When you cover your kitchen countertop, you want to have great resistance to impacts and high temperatures, imagine pots coming out of your stove or dishes coming out of the oven!

TexBright is also an architectural product

TexBright stands out for its structural properties, combining an elegant and timeless faux concrete finish. TexBright micro-concrete also shines for its abrasion resistance. Commercial products are easily scratched with a fingernail, which is not the case with TexNov TexBright, which will withstand heavy weight and daily kitchen road use.

Texnov TexBright is a product that comes in two components (A and B), a 100% acrylic resin with high performance fungicide pigments and a cementitious powder. It has a high resistance to blackening and fouling and anti-fungus properties.

What are the advantages of TexBright micro-concrete?

The advantages of using TexBright are to take advantage of the manufacturer’s background in acrylic coatings.

So, we are talking about an architectural quality and an aesthetic finish beyond the market standards.

Here are the advantages of TexBright microcement:

  • Does not require expensive tools to apply
  • Microcement forms a solid bonded surface that will not crack when applied as directed
  • Is waterproof (once sealed) and non-slip
  • Food safe (once sealed)
  • Does not come into contact with chlorine or highly hazardous chemicals
  • Fast drying time and easy to handle
  • But be careful, this product is addictive!…after your kitchen countertop, you’ll want to redo your bathroom walls! (you won’t be the first)

How to use TexBright microcement?

Tools needed

  • Trowel and mortar holder
  • Brush to scrub the substrate (if masonry)
  • Finishing brush (optional)
  • Drill with paint mixer
  • Empty bucket to make the mixture
  • Roller or brush to apply the sealant

Products needed

The project in stages

To be successful, please follow these steps:

  1. Surface preparation
    1. Clean the surface with a suitable product.
      1. Use TexNov Surface Preparer Concentrate if the surface is masonry.
      2. A damp cloth for gypsum walls.
  2. Product Mixing
    1. Pour part B into the empty bucket of product A.
    2. Please stir part B until the color is homogeneous.
    3. Gradually add Part A (powder) to the mixture.
    4. Mix the two parts with a drill equipped with a mixer. Make sure that all the mixture is uniform and without lumps.
    5. Let stand 5 minutes, then mix again.
  3. Apply the product with a trowel and a mortar holder.
    1. Applying two coats, the first coarser, creates textures that mimic real concrete walls.
    2. Allow 4 hours drying time between coats.
  4. Sanding the surface with sandpaper or sander for a smooth finish (marbled).
  5. Finish the surface with MET-HD for shower walls or MET-30 for other applications.

*This product consists of two containers, part A (powder) and part B (liquid).

Where can I find Texnov products?

Since its appearance in 1988, retailers and entrepreneurs have trusted TexNov. To find the retailer nearest you, please use the interactive map. For professionals, TexBright is also available in large format. Please ask for our products at your usual supplier or contact us without hesitation through our social networks, our email or our phone numbers.

About Texnov

TexNov is a local manufacturing company that produces solutions for the preparation, repair, coating and protection of any surface, interior or exterior of homes, commercial buildings, industrial buildings and others. Texnov’s solutions include acrylic polymer-based coatings, wall coverings, asphalt protectors, cleaners, concrete sealers and waterproofers, and more.

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Although coatings are easy to install, we strongly encourage hiring a professional. TexNov inc. is not responsible for any work done without professional supervision. Texnov products are easy to apply, but the easiest way is to have the work done by an expert. Redoing your kitchen countertop with TexBright microcement is an easy project, but don’t overlook the steps outlined below.

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