Redoing your concrete foundation

Repair damaged house foundation easily

A damaged concrete foundation is one of the most visible parts of a home, yet they are often overlooked.

A damaged foundation catches mold in the air and cools your home during the winter.

Find out how to repair the foundation of your home, with TexNov acrylic coatings.

What is an acrylic coating?

Acrylic products are the solution to restore the new look and insulation for comfortable homes. TexNov coatings allow your investment by protecting the environment.

The acrylic coating has the advantages of increasing the tightness of the building, of acting as an ideal protection for the concrete, by providing an air and water barrier. In addition, our textures and colors allow you to restore a lasting aesthetic appearance protecting your foundation from cracking or crumbling for years.

You have a beautiful house, but the visible part of the floor is damaged?

TexNov offers you solutions to give a facelift to the exterior of your home. TexNov is a local company that specializes in coatings made from 100% acrylic polymers, offering you products that are easy to apply and more durable.

TexNov for comfortable homes in sustainable environments!

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How to repair a damaged concrete foundation?

The project is carried out in a short space of time and the results last over time.

Follow the easy steps, while respecting the drying times, as indicated in the labels and sheets of each product.

Visit our product sheets here.


If the foundation is covered with old loose plaster or any other unstable material, remove it using the appropriate tools.

Although easy, this step is very important. This will make it easier for the new coating to stick to a solid surface and stay there for years.

If there is paint, remove it using a sandblaster, diamond grinder or other suitable means.

Take the time necessary to remove all unstable material.


Clean the surface with a 3500 lb water pressure washer with rotary jet, gasoline engine. If you don’t have one, you can find it at most tool rental centers.

Application of concrete conditioner

In a clean container, dilute the Concrete Conditioner, TexNov reduced with 50% water.

Follow the instructions as indicated on the product label, respecting the dose and the drying times.

Use the pressure washer to keep the concrete surface moist; this is important when applying TexNov Concrete Conditioner.
Apply the TexNov Concrete Conditioner mixture to the foundation with a sprayer, paying an even coat. Leave on for 2 to 5 minutes.

Vigorously brush the surface, remove all traces of foam or excess product and rinse the surface thoroughly using the pressure washer.
Leave the surface to dry for 48 hours in good weather.

After this drying time, repair the cracks with TexNov All-Purpose Polymer or TexNov 200
Apply a coat of TexNov all-purpose polymer or TexNov 200 before applying the finishing coat.
As the product label indicates, please allow the surface to dry for 24 hours in good weather.

For a flawless result, it is recommended to apply one or two coats of TexNov 200 and incorporate a fiberglass mesh.

We must know the traces of trowels visible afterwards, this will leave a perfect layer and uniform.

Clean the surface with TexNov Surface Preparer (4 parts water to 1 part Preparer).

Produits TexNov

Coating application

Apply a first coat of TexNov acrylic filler, respecting the required temperature and the drying time indicated on the product sheet.
TexNov acrylic coatings will reduce uniform application, making this a short lived project with results that will last for years.

To apply the acrylic filler, please use a brush and/or a 10 mm roller. Let the first coat dry for 24 hours.
Apply a second coat of TexNov acrylic filler.
Use a brush or roller with 10 mm bristles and leave to dry for 24 hours.
Note: In hot weather dilute with water (50 ml /per litre) to facilitate application.

End of the project

That’s it! The project is completed.

Flooring repaired with TexNov coatings

Your project will no longer be beautiful, but TexNov acrylic coatings will create a water and air barrier, capable of protecting your home and enduring our extreme weather, for years to come.

Nice house with TexNov
TexNov for beautiful homes protected from air infiltration and water damage.

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Disclaimer: This article was written to inform and entertain. The company takes no responsibility for any work done without professional supervision. Your best ally is your general contractor.