How to prepare the surface before applying TexNov?

To ensure an optimal result, it is important to properly prepare your surface The acrylic coating will adhere better to a clean surface and will last longer.

Before applying the acrylic coating, it is important that the surface is without breakage.

After a good cleaning you can apply the acrylic coating.

TexNov Surface Conditioner had been tested on almost any surface; in addition, is a biodegradable product with very low toxicity.

Our product range also includes Texnov Concrete Conditioner, a water-based acid conditioner used to prepare a concrete or cementitious surface (bricks, paving stones and others) before applying a coating.

How many square feet can be covered with TexNov?

Please read the specific product sheet, as this may vary from one to another one. For TexNox 200, the quantity to be applied will depend on the surface, the texture and porosity of the substrate.
For trowel works (thickness 2.4 mm):
10 L covers ± 6.9 m2
(2.6 gal. ± 74 sq.ft)
18,9 L covers ± 13 m2 (5 gal covers ± 140 sq.ft)
For works using a paint roller or paint sprayer
(2 coats of 0.75L/m2 followint the guidelines of the M.T.Q) :
10 L covers ± 6,6 m2
(2.6 gal. ± 71 sq.ft)
18,9 L covers ± 12,5 m2 (5 gal covers ± 135 sq.ft)

Which surfaces can be treated with TexNov?

Please, read the sheet of the product, as this might vary.

For TexNov Acrylic coating, the product has been designed and tested successfully on cement panels, concrete, wood, masonite, aluminum, gypsum (interior walls), stucco, roughcast, brick. All mentioned was tested on walls, concrete structures, floors, stairs and galleries.

How to store TexNov?

The acrylic coating TexNov must be stored at a controlled temperature between 5°C and 30°C (41°F to 86°F) in a sealed plastic container.

Please keep the product away from frost. The lifespan of the product is 2-3 years.

For other products, please visit each product sheet.

Do I need to use a sealant?

TexNov offers you MET-30, a high quality sealant. This product allows you to protect your concrete surface, and to develop its full potential in terms of strength, durability, waterproofing and wear resistance.

In addition, TexNov MET-30 complies with the highest environmental standards, to guarantee a safe application without risks for your health.

Is Texnov a local business?

Yes, Texnov is a Canadian business, founded in 1989. Its business operations are carried out entirely here.

All products have been tested for the Canadian extreme weather, which guarantees excellent performance from any product.