Unveiling acrylic coatings

What are acrylic coatings? Acrylic coatings are a construction material to repair, protect and embellish any surface rapidly. These products are ready-to-use and are made to last for decades. Acrylic coatings can be used to build and repair residential, commercial and industrial buildings, for new or existing constructions.

You might hear about coatings, acrylic coatings and stucco, what are they exactly? Let’s discover coatings, one of the most versatile construction materials.

Stucco in modern-style homes to create safe environments.

What are acrylic coatings?

Acrylic coatings (aka stucco, aka acrylic stucco) are water-soluble products with fast-drying properties. They are made of pigment suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion.

In addition, coatings are made of synthetic resin and a mild alkaline polymer substance (methyl isobutyl ketone). These construction components create high-quality and durable acrylic coatings or paintings. 

Furthermore, their excellent features make them useful in the construction industries as an ingredient and base in weather-damage prevention for residential, industrial and commercial buildings.

Equally important, modern stuccos can be used when building new sites or renovating, matching colours and textures of traditional products. Since the main ingredients are acrylic polymers, they bond fast to existing surfaces, creating a durable substrate on commonly used substrates.

Coatings are great for facades, and for enhanced protection of the building.

How to apply acrylic coating?

The application process starts with a primer coat; a repairing coat is applied first when needed. If not, a coat is applied to the walls to seal the surface first and helps prolong the working time of the material at the same time.

Next, the material is either troweled on or sprayed on and then troweled down even and uniformly. Plasterers use additional techniques to achieve certain textures and finishes depending on the skills of the plasterer.

The use of coatings needs skills and experience, and this is a handmade process by using only trowels or paint rollers. Every time you see a whole building finished in wall coatings, the thing that someone did inch by inch.

How long does acrylic coating last?

In effect, an acrylic coating can last as much as the lifespan of the surface itself. All this being said, regular checking is essential while needing simple low maintenance. Consequently, modern wall and floor coatings are great for creating moisture and air barriers; by just using these products, you won’t have water inside the building envelope.

Is acrylic stucco a “DIY” friendly project?

In short, yes and no, and this depends on multiple factors (sorry for the confusion).

Diving into DIY waters can be challenging, and when trying to build a suitable environment for you and your family, hiring a contractor might be the cheaper, faster and stress-free scenario. You want to ask yourself about your capabilities with a trowel, a roller paint, a few trips to the renovation center, and a few weekends without rest.

Is an acrylic coating suitable for any surface?

Acrylic Coatings are suitable for restoration and new construction projects for flooring, residential deck, wall coatings, driveways ( for resurfacing old asphalt driveways) and many more.

Matching colours with major paint manufacturers for easy identifying yours.

How to coat brick?

Since coating brick is one of the most common projects, We dedicated a whole article to guiding homeowners through this process. While brick might show signs of deterioration, and can also look old-styled easily, acrylic stuccos are outstanding for repairing and refreshing the look of the interior or exterior brick walls and chimneys is easy, fast and inexpensive.

Please, visit this link for a complete guide on how to use coatings on brick surfaces: https://texnov.com/how-to-renovate-a-brick-structure-with-acrylic/?lang=en

The concrete look on an existing surface revamps the entire look of the living room

How to coat the exterior wall?

First, traditional stuccos were made to finish exterior walls with textures and colours. Modern coatings are a great solution when finishing a residential, commercial or industrial building.

Secondly, for large surfaces, plasterers use different techniques, depending on the desired finish.

In effect, one can paint stucco using a roller or with an airless sprayer – a brush is not always recommended. A roller works well for small jobs but can be overwhelming on larger projects. When it comes to big jobs, plasterers tend to use an airless sprayer, which makes finishing the last coat much faster.

Applying coatings is for experienced contractors. Plasterers use hand tools.

What is an acrylic coating mainly used?

Mostly, stuccos are used to repair existing surfaces, prepare them to receive a finishing coat, and finish the building. Stuccos are great to redo facades, walls, floors, and more. Modern stuccos are great for indoor and outdoor structures.


  • Coatings repel water and air-barrier.
  • This material is resistant to hairline cracks, mainly because of its elasticity and ability to stretch.
  • Colours are bright and vibrant, and there is virtually no colour variation from bucket to bucket.
  • It can be mixed using a drill with a paddle mixing attachment and does not require a mixer.
  • The finish coat can be painted anytime in the future if you ever want to change the colour.
Combinaison d’enduit et de la pierre pour un look classique


Above all, comparing traditional stucco with modern coatings is like comparing a new technology vs the first one. Would you compare a modern smartphone with those brick-like early days portable phones? 

On the other hand, modern ones achieve the same look, texture, and colour but in more textures to make it simple. On top of that, modern ones offer a long list of construction-wise advantages, such as protection from weather damages, homogeneous consistency and ready-to-apply premixes.

Can you apply new stucco over old stucco?

Yes. If existing stucco shows signs of deterioration, the surface must be repaired first; by doing so, you will avoid water damage inside the walls.

Firstly, all problems in the existing stucco have to be corrected; this might include adding a levelling coat to even out the low areas, and a new finish coat can be applied with the texture and integral colour of the project choice.

Manufacturers use acrylic ingredients as a bonder between the existing stucco and the new material when making plasters.

Modern stuccos can be applied both indoors and outdoors.

Are acrylic coating and stucco the same?

Due to the long history of stucco, modern plasters are also called stucco. Nowadays, traditional stucco is restricted to small DIY projects since modern stuccos offer many more advantages, such as protection against air and water inside the building structure.

Texnov offers up to 96 different colours for the topcoat of its acrylic coatings.

Timeless beauty

Since modern coatings can match and surpass any project by adding a beautiful texture, endless colour choices and enhanced protection to any building, You will find it easy to choose them as the main material for your coming projects. Please, visit the following gallery for beautiful dwellings of all architectural styles:

What are the differences between stucco and acrylic stucco?

Comparing modern stucco with traditional one is like comparing the last model of smartphone and the early days of the portable phone. Do you remember those brick-style phones? and the extensible antennas? So comparing traditional stuccos to modern ones is like the same.

Modern stuccos are capable to offer the same textures and colours, even more; additionally, they offer architectural capabilities by adding air-barrier and water-barrier on any surface.

Coatings are great to refresh any surface, like ceramic tiles.

Are there different textures?

As a matter of fact, You can achieve many different textures with acrylic products, not as many as traditional stucco, but still, a wide variety to choose from. Matching different textures is also possible for unique designs.

Some manufacturers have specialty textures available that use different-sized aggregates (sand) to achieve custom finishes. This will vary from each manufacturer, however.

Please, visit this link to visit Texnov’s texture chart: https://texnov.com/textures-color-chart/?lang=en

Matching different textures for unique designs

How many colours are available?

When talking about available colours, We might want to talk about acrylic stucco. The colour choices are one of acrylics’ strong points because it is very rich and vibrant and is very consistent, meaning that there is virtually no colour variation from one bucket to another, which is one of the weakest points of traditional stucco.

Indeed, there are so many colours to choose from, and they will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Colours are liquid and usually come already mixed or in a small bottle.

Texnov has nearly 100 different colours on its chart. Click on this image to discover them all.

Please, visit this link to discover the vast selection of available colours https://texnov.com/textures-color-chart/?lang=en

Is acrylic stucco eco-friendly?


Texnov is positioned as an eco-friendly business, and here are a few facts:

  1. Switching to Reusable Office Supplies
  2. Practice Green Procurement
  3. Reducing The Energy Consumption
  4. Making Recycling a Priority
  5. The Use of Hybrid Cars

Some examples are the investment in machinery to process production scrap, bringing the empty printers toners to the eco-center, purchasing from eco-friendly suppliers when possible, replacing old delivery trucks with modern, fuel-saving vehicles, using coatings when building our new offices, to reduce the consumption of heating during cold months.

As with any new technology, manufacturers consider the protection of the environment as a must. Texnov makes comfortable homes in sustainable environments for better living, and building community also means protecting the environment.

Texnov takes care of the environment.

Who are the leading stucco manufacturers?

Acrylic coatings can be found in different countries, using the ones of your climate and conditions is the best starting point.

In the same way that You won’t be wearing a wool jacket in the Caribbean, so shouldn’t use thick paint to protect your home in North America!

In this blog “What are acrylic coatings?” you will learn what, how and why to use them for a better living.

Major stucco manufacturers in the US

      1. WS Designs
      2. Hugues Plasterings
      3. Others: https://www.thomasnet.com/products/stucco-81223000-1.html 

Major stucco manufacturers in Canada

In Canada, TexNov inc is the leading manufacturer of coatings. The company started in the 80s by developing early generations of coatings; more than 3 decades later, is one of the only manufacturers to use 100% acrylic polymers. Texnov offers long-lasting solutions by using 100% acrylic polymers; purest acrylic means more elasticity, a better bond capacity and better protection to any surface.

Texnov’s main office building is completely finished with coatings, saving thousands of dollars in heating.


Establishing its first company in 1988, Texnov is the result of a long career in construction materials manufacturing. Nowadays, Texnov is the leading Canadian manufacturer of coatings.  As We say:

If TexNov coatings are good for Canadian living, they are good for the harshest weather around the world.

The company’s growing success is based on one only ingredient: quality first, which applies to products and customer service. The company’s constant development shows long-term customer loyalty and the “know-how” when testing and developing new solutions.

Read this article about Texnov’s profile here.


TexNov products in different formats.

Buying Texnov acrylic coatings has multiple advantages, here are just a few:

  1. Easy to apply products; this shortens the time for plasterers, so consumers pay less and professionals can take more jobs.
  2. Protection: TexNov products protect your home from temperature variations, freeze-thaw, traditional salt and calcium, UV rays and abrasion and shock.
  3. Enhanced safeness: the non-slip characteristics increase grip to any surface, which provides much safer homes, commercial spaces and industries.
  4. The quality that lasts: the water vapour permeability of TexNov allows surfaces to breathe while maintaining the performance of the water and air barrier. Forget the chore of regular maintenance of painted surfaces with modern coatings.
  5. A world of colours: You will have near one hundred possibilities with Texnov. TexNov products are premixed to offer you easy-to-use solutions; They are ready to use and save time. The lustre will last for years.
  6. Easy to maintain: Our unique technology offers you low-maintenance solutions. Just wash with a low-pressure water jet to restore the original shine of the Texnov acrylic stucco.
  7. A dedicated product line for professionals: TexNov inc launched TexPro, the only pro-dedicated coating brand. From outstanding products to second-to-none customer service and fast delivery on a working site, to make every one of your projects a success story. 

Let’s build something amazing together!

Where to find

Now that you know What are acrylic coatings, is time to buy some.

There is nothing better than choosing local quality-made solutions when sourcing for coatings.

“Texnov manufactures coatings made in Canada, for the harshest conditions in the world.”

Please, use the map below to find the nearest selling point from your area

      If for any reason, there is no location in your area, please contact Texnov at 1 877 316-6388 or use the contact form here.

      One last word

      In this new blog ” What are acrylic coatings? The choice of building material is made having a project in mind. Any project needs different products to ensure longevity, protection and return on investment.

      At this moment, there is no more versatile product than coatings. The vast chart of colours, textures and formats, the capacity to bond to old, damaged surfaces, the protection against extreme weather damages, and the availability.

      No doubt, Texnov compares to the best worldwide manufacturers, with the advantage of being tested for our lifestyle. Texnov coatings are tested for any type of construction, new or existing in any country.

      Discover the products here: https://texnov.com/products/?lang=en

      Produits TexNov
      Texnov to repair, embellish and protect any surface.

      Buying local

      In this paragraph, I will describe the importance of buying local.

      Firstly, When shopping, consumers are tempted to buy the cheapest materials; in a certain way, we all enjoy spending less.

      Secondly, building materials must match local conditions, including weather conditions, humidity levels, exposure to brutal winds, snow, frost and more.

      In any case, buying local is equivalent to investing in your community, supporting local workers, and ensuring to maintain a clean environment. Here are some advantages of using locally made construction products:


      Local businesses pay their employees accordingly to local rates, this creates financial stability for the local community, but they also spend money on other local businesses. By buying local, all of us help create jobs for your family, friends and neighbours, contribute to improving public infrastructure, and invest in the community both socially and economically.

      Further, purchasing locally also means that you know more about quality control; you know that certain goods have been produced in a way that meets stringent regional and national standards. 

      Shortly, not all international products are meant to endure freeze-thaw cycles as we do here in Canada.

      When purchasing goods from out of the country, it’s important of being aware of knowing the manufacturing processes and potentially harmful chemicals and byproducts can be challenging. Usually, international-made products are designed to the conditions of that country, and cheap is not always an advantage when this means poor ingredient-made products.

      Please, visit our blog for fresh-published articles here:  https://texnov.com/category/advice-from-the-pros/?lang=en

      Learn why to use coatings over regular wall paint by following this link: https://texnov.com/use-coatings-or-paint/?lang=en

      Where to buy

      Consumers and professionals can find stucco in renovation centers, hardware stores and construction stores.

      Find a Texnov retailer by using this interactive Google map


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