Application of TexBright micro-concrete

Tools needed

  • Trowel and mortar holder
  • Brush to scrub the substrate (if masonry)
  • Finishing brush (optional)
  • Drill with paint mixer
  • Empty 5 gallon bucket for mixing
  • Foam roller or brush to apply the sealant

Products needed

The project in stages

To be successful, please follow these steps:

  1. Surface preparation
    1. Clean the surface with TexNov Surface Preparer if the surface is masonry or with a damp cloth for gypsum walls.
    2. Please dilute the Surface Preparer according to the application as indicated in the data sheet.
  2. Product Mixing
    1. Pour part B into the empty bucket.
    2. Please stir part B until the color is homogeneous.
    3. Gradually add Part A to the bucket.
    4. Mix the two parts with a drill equipped with a mixer. Make sure that all the mixture is uniform and without lumps.
    5. Let stand 5 minutes, then mix again.
  3. Apply the product with a trowel and a mortar holder.
    1. Applying two coats, the first one coarser, creates textures that mimic real concrete walls.
    2. Allow 24 hours drying time between coats.
  4. Sanding the surface with sandpaper or a sander for a smooth finish.
  5. Finish the surface with MET-HD for shower walls or MET-30 for other applications.

*This product consists of two containers, part A (powder) and part B (liquid).

The project in pictures

The mixture of the two components of TexBright will give a texture similar to yogurt
Application of TexBright on a gypsum surface
Application of the second layer with a knife for a coarse texture
Surfaces with a false concrete finish
Example of shower walls and ceiling in micro-cement finish
Example of bathroom walls in micro-cement faux finish

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