Tools needed

  • Brush
  • Roller cage
  • Roller with 10mm bristles
  • Roller handle extension

Products needed

The project in stages

  1. Washing the surface with a 2000 lb. pressure washer
    1. Rinse the entire surface thoroughly to remove dust, leaves, visible streaks and the like.
    2. Cut the grass to the edge of the paved area.
  2. Cleaning with TexNov Surface Preparer
    1. Dilute the Surface Prep in nine parts of Water, apply it to oil stains and other contaminants present.
    2. Leave on for 15 minutes.
  3. Repairing the surface with Crack Filler
    1. Fill any cracks to the brim with the Crack Filler.
  4. Repair of potholes with a specific product.
  5. Application of Pave-Tex textured coating
    1. Make the cut with a brush.
    2. Apply two coats, respecting the two-hour drying time.

The project in pictures

Initial condition of the driveway
Asphalt pressure washing
Use Surface Prep to clean asphalt
Fill cracks flush with the edge with TexNov’s Crack Filler
Application of Pave-Tex textured coating
Final status of the driveway repair project with Pave-Tex

The project in video

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