Tools needed

  • Clean bucket for diluting and mixing products
  • Grinder with abrasive disc for concrete
  • Empty refillable spray bottle for surface preparation
  • Concrete finishing trowel
  • Mortarboard
  • Paint mixer to prepare TexNov 200
  • Siding tape to protect your home’s existing siding
  • Pressure washer

Products needed

The project in stages

  1. Remove the existing coating with the appropriate tools according to the type of material to be removed
  2. Cleaning the surface with TexNov Surface Preparer diluted according to the dilution table
  3. Application of the cementitious base
  4. Embed the fiberglass mesh in the cement base
  5. Application of the finishing coat with TexNov’s Rustex acrylic coating

The project in pictures

Condition of the foundation before the start of the work
Grinding of irregularities and cleaning of cracks
Washing at 2000 lbs of pressure
Application of the surface preparation on the floor.
Repairing cracks and holes with TexNov 200
Laying base coat and embedding 4 oz fiberglass mesh
Foundation repaired with TexNov 200
Application of TexNov acrylic coating
Foundation repaired with TexNov coatings


The project in video

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