Renovating our brand IS ALSO BUILDING TRUST!


TexNov inc. is proud to unveil its new TexPro product line, dedicated to the repair, protection and finishing of works by professionals.

Under this new entity, TexNov brings together acrylic coatings for professionals, products for the restoration of residential, industrial and institutional buildings on all types of substrates, concrete, plaster, stucco, brick, gypsum board, and more.

Whether it’s for your restoration or new construction projects, TexNov is your one-stop shop for all your needs in exterior siding, interior and exterior flooring, foundations and more.

The new TexPro range is presented on a new identity, making it easier to identify the characteristics of the different products.

On the labels, construction professionals find icons with coverage, required tools, product properties and a QR code for quick access to technical documentation.

TexNov is constantly innovating to maintain its position as the leading manufacturer of acrylic coatings with outstanding customer service.

Among the new TexPro range:

  • Liquid elastomeric membrane layer
    • FlexStop
    • FlexStop CB
    • FlexStop RLX
  • Insulating primer for concrete
    • Flexible base
    • Basic Express
    • Pre Capa
    • NC basis
  • Base layer for leveling
    • Upgrade of the base
  • Smooth base coat, sandable interior
    • SoftBase
    • UniPlast
  • Coat
    • FlexTex 1.0
    • FlexTex 1.5
    • FlexTex Europe
    • FlexTex Sand
  • Elastomeric paints and primers
    • Flexroll 10L
    • Flexroll 18.9L
Textured plaster finish


Think TexPro (for professionals) for your next projects, let’s build something incredible together!

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Disclaimer: This article was written to inform and entertain. The company assumes no responsibility for any work performed without professional supervision. Your best ally is your family contractor.


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