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Texnov is building trust since 1988!

Being a Canadian leader in stucco manufacturing, Texnov leads technology, evolution and customer service.

Why to choose TexNov solutions?


Texnov inc is interested in opening new retail stores in Ontario and the maritimes. (for other locations, please contact us).

If you have one or more points of sale dedicated to home improvement, hardware stores or construction materials, let’s talk about business!

Acrylic stucco is becoming increasingly popular; take advantage of our 35 years of experience. Offer the best quality to your customers, and a dedicated customer service for your representative.

In addition, TexNov offers the satisfaction guarantee of a local brand and access to privileged customer service.

Offer this product to your distinguished customers using our support.

  • Exclusive price list
  • Training your staff
  • Reference from
  • Regular updates
  • Sales support program, including posters, flyers and more.

Don’t wait any longer, offer the TexNov range, your customers will be grateful!

Please, visit our extended list of products to know more about the applications, colours and available textures here.