Application of TexNov products on different substrates

Most residential, institutional and commercial facilities have a range of surfaces that require a specific solution to create positive impressions and lasting results among building occupants and visitors. The challenge for maintenance managers and their departments is to ensure an attractive appearance to these surfaces when applying the most appropriate coating.

TexNov develops products adapted to several surfaces, to guarantee optimal results in terms of durability, application method and maintenance.
Please see the application on different substrates by clicking on each image below.


To ensure an optimal result, it is important to properly prepare your surface The acrylic coating will adhere better to a clean surface and will last longer. TexNov offers the following solutions for the preparation stage:

  • Concrete Conditioner to prepare concrete, open pores and increase adhesion.
  • The surface preparer to remove all dirt, degreaser and cleaner.


Before applying the acrylic coating, it is important that the surface is without breakage. Use the following products depending on the project to be repaired:

  • All-purpose polymer for light duty use, repairing surface cracks and leveling up to one-half inch.
  • TexNov 200 for primer, adhesive, adhesion promoter and cementitious layer to embed the mesh.
    • 200 PRX to adhere to the mesh and leveling.
    • 200 LT as a leveling layer.


After a good cleaning, you can apply the acrylic coating. The topcoat determines the texture and color of the surface, as well as adds protective properties to the building.

Here is our range of products:

  • TexNov acrylic coating for roller applications.
    • Fine grain
    • Regular grain
  • Sand-Tex for floors and walls, textured round grain finish, trowel application.
  • Rus-Tex for floors and walls, textured finish with asymmetrical grains, trowel application.
  • Volcano fine grain metallic finish.
  • Magma acrylic glossy metallic coating.
  • TexBright for interior surfaces that imitate the texture of concrete.
  • Acrylico Fino for projects on masonry, application by roller.
  • Elastoroll for concrete walls, masonry, stucco and others.
  • Elastek RLX primer for plywood.
  • GelNov Chroma is an opaque, color-sealing coating.


A protective sealant is recommended for a wide variety of surfaces. Its function is to assist in the general maintenance and extend the durability of any surface.

TexNov offers a wide range of choices, depending on the substrate, its use and its finish.

  • MET-30 TexNov: curing agent for fresh concrete – semi-glossy appearance.
  • MET-HD TexNov: curing agent for fresh concrete – wet look.
  • WRS-40 TexNov: waterproofing – invisible barrier aspect.
  • Gelnov Ultra : high gloss transparent barrier for indoor and outdoor use.

Replacing aluminum siding vs. applying Texnov siding

TexNov coatings allow you to save on your construction or renovation investments compared to the use of commonly used aluminum siding.

In addition, acrylic coatings have multiple advantages, such as its air and water barrier, its resistance to impact, its resistance to mildew and mold, its elasticity, its ease of cleaning and its ease of application.

Here is an example for a 1,600 square foot home, based on November 2022 prices

Aluminum cladding

Siding removal: 35 hours of work at $40 = $1400

New siding: 5$ *1600 square feet = 8000$.

Labor: 35 hours of work at $40/hr = $1400

_____________________________ 10 800$

TexNov acrylic coating

Metal cleaning: 5 hours of work $40 per hour: $200

Surface preparation: 2 gallons at 59.75$ = 119.5$.

5 containers of 18.9L finishing coat at $272 = $1360

Labor : 35h at 40$/h = 1400$.

_____________________________ 3079.50$

Note: this table is presented as an example and to offer you a comparison between the costs related to the replacement of aluminum siding versus TexNov acrylic siding.

Hourly rates vary from company to company depending on experience, specialization and location. Please consult a contractor to validate hourly rates.