Let’s unravel the acrylic coatings

Acrylic coatings, its intricacies and advantages, is the title of this article. Acrylic coatings are a building material to quickly repair, protect and beautify any surface. These products are ready to use and are designed to last for decades. Acrylic coatings can be used to build and repair residential, commercial and industrial buildings, for new or existing construction.

However, consumers are not aware of all the possibilities of this powerful, versatile, ecological and economical material.

You may hear about coatings, acrylic coatings, modern plaster or even stucco, what exactly are they? Let’s discover coatings, one of the most versatile building materials.

Acrylic coatings on contemporary houses.

What are acrylic coatings?

Acrylic coatings (a.k.a. stucco, a.k.a. acrylic stucco, architectural plaster) are water soluble products with fast drying properties. They are made of pigments suspended in an acrylic polymer emulsion.

In addition, the coatings are made of synthetic resin and a mild alkaline polymeric substance (methyl isobutyl ketone). These building components create high quality, durable acrylic coatings or paints, especially for use in construction and renovation.

Moreover, their excellent characteristics make them useful in the construction industry as an ingredient and basis for preventing weather damage to residential, industrial and commercial buildings.

Equally important, modern stucco can be used in new construction or renovation, matching the colors and textures of traditional products. Because the main ingredients are acrylic polymers, they bond quickly to existing surfaces, creating a durable substrate on commonly used substrates.

Exterior stucco wall for their contribution in texture, color and protection of the building structure


The coatings are perfect for facades and for better protection of the building, in addition, the vast choice of texture and color for successful projects.

How to use acrylic fillers?

The application process begins with a primer coat; a repair coat is applied first if necessary. Otherwise, a coat is applied to the walls to seal the surface first and helps extend the working time of the material at the same time.


Then the material is either trowelled or sprayed on. Plasterers use additional techniques to achieve certain textures and finishes depending on the plasterer’s skills. Creativity and expertise make for unique projects.


The use of coatings requires skill and experience, and is a handmade process using only trowels or paint rollers. Whenever you see an entire building finished with wall coverings, think of it as the result of someone who did it inch by inch, step by step.


How long does the acrylic coating last?

In fact, an acrylic coating can last as long as the life of the structure it covers. That said, regular checking is essential and low maintenance. Therefore, modern wall and floor coverings are ideal for creating moisture and air barriers; simply by using these products, you will not have water inside the building envelope.

Is acrylic stucco a “do-it-yourself” friendly project?

In short, yes and no, and it depends on multiple factors (sorry for the confusion).

Diving into the DIY waters can be difficult, and when you’re trying to create the right environment for you and your family, hiring a contractor can be the cheapest, fastest and least stressful scenario. Do you want to challenge your abilities with a trowel, a paint roller, a few trips to the renovation center, and a few weekends without rest? Then this project is for you.

Is an acrylic coating suitable for any surface?

Acrylic coatings are suitable for restoration and new construction projects for flooring, residential decks, wall coverings, driveways (for resurfacing old asphalt driveways) and many others.

Acrylic stucco offers a wide range of textures and colors


Texnov’s color palette is compatible with those of major paint manufacturers.

How to coat the brick?

Since brick cladding is one of the most common projects, we have dedicated an entire article to guide professionals and do-it-yourselfers through the process. While brick can show signs of deterioration and can also look dated easily, acrylic stucco is exceptional for repairing and refreshing the appearance of interior or exterior brick walls and fireplaces is easy, quick and inexpensive.

Please visit this link for a complete guide on how to use coatings on brick surfaces

Coating a brick surface to enhance its appearance

How to coat the exterior wall?

First, traditional stucco was made to finish the exterior walls with textures and colors. Modern siding is an excellent solution for finishing a residential, commercial or industrial building.


Secondly, for large surfaces, plasterers use different techniques, depending on the desired finish.


In fact, stucco can be painted with a roller or airless sprayer – a brush is not always recommended. A roller works well for small jobs, but can be overwhelming for large projects. When it comes to big jobs, plasterers tend to use an airless sprayer, which makes finishing the last coat much faster.

Placing stucco is a task that requires experience.


The application of coatings is reserved for experienced contractors. Plasterers use hand tools, which ensures optimal results.

How is an acrylic coating mainly used?

Most of the time, stucco is used to repair existing surfaces, prepare them to receive a top coat and finish the construction. Stucco is perfect for redoing facades, walls, floors, etc. Modern stucco is perfect for interior and exterior structures.

Advantages of acrylic plasters

  • The coatings are a barrier to water and air.
  • This material is resistant to hairline cracks, mainly due to its elasticity and ability to stretch.
  • The colors are bright and vibrant, and there is virtually no color variation from bucket to bucket.
  • It can be mixed using a drill with a paddle attachment and does not require a mixer.
  • The top coat can be painted at any time in the future if you wish to change the color.
  • Combining plaster and other materials for unique and elegant looks.
A stone and rendering façade

The versatility of this material allows, among other things, the combination of plaster and stone for a classic look.


First and foremost, comparing traditional stucco to modern siding is like comparing new technology to old. Would you compare a state-of-the-art smartphone with those brick-sized phones of yesteryear?
On the other hand, modern models get the same look, texture and color, but in a uniform way, with each order, which makes it easier. In addition to this, modern stuccos offer a long list of architectural advantages, such as weather protection, homogeneous consistency and ready-to-use premixes.
View the following carousel to see its finish on several architectural styles:

Can new stucco be applied over old stucco?


If the existing stucco shows signs of deterioration, the surface should be repaired first; this will prevent water damage to the interior of the walls.

First, any problems in the existing stucco must be corrected quickly, the health of the building depends on it; this can include adding a leveling coat to even out low areas, and a new top coat can be applied with the full texture and color of the project’s choice. Between the two, a fiberglass mesh will solidify the reinforcement.

Manufacturers use acrylic ingredients as a binder between the existing stucco and the new material when making plasters.

Modern stucco can be used for both interior and exterior applications.

Modern stucco can be applied both indoors and outdoors on existing structures or new construction.

Are acrylic coatings and stucco the same thing?

Because of the long history of stucco, modern plasters are also called stucco. Nowadays, traditional stucco is limited to small DIY projects, as modern stucco offers many other benefits, such as protection from air and water within the building structure.

Texnov offers up to 96 different colors for the top coat of its acrylic coatings.

Timeless beauty

Since modern cladding can match and surpass any project by adding beautiful texture, endless color choices and enhanced protection to any building, you’ll find it easy to choose it as the primary material for your upcoming projects. Please visit the following gallery for beautiful homes of all architectural styles:

What are the differences between stucco and acrylic stucco?

Comparing modern stucco to traditional is like comparing the latest smartphone model to the early days of the cell phone. Do you remember those brick style phones? What about expandable antennas? So, comparing traditional stucco to modern stucco is the same thing.

Modern stucco is able to offer the same or more textures and colors, and offers architectural capabilities by adding an air and water barrier to any surface.

The coatings are perfect for refreshing any surface, such as old ceramic tiles in the bathroom.

Plasters are the ideal solution for renovating ceramic walls

Are there different textures?

In fact, you can get many different textures with acrylic products, not as many as traditional stucco, but still a wide variety of choices. Combining different textures is also possible for unique designs.

Some manufacturers offer specialty textures that use different sized aggregates (sand) to achieve custom finishes. However, this will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Please visit this link to visit the Texnov texture chart:

Combining different textures in the same project is a technique that offers personalized, elegant and unique designs. Here is a good example:

The combination of different grains for a unique look

How many colors are available?

When we talk about available colors, we could mean acrylic stucco. Color choices are one of the strengths of acrylic, as it is very rich and vibrant and is very consistent, meaning there is virtually no color variation from bucket to bucket, which is one of the weakest points of traditional stucco.

Indeed, there are so many colors to choose from, and they will differ from one manufacturer to another. The colors are liquid and are usually already mixed or in a small bottle.

Texnov has nearly 100 different colors on its color chart. Click on this image to discover them all.

Please visit this link to see the wide selection of colors available

The color chart consists of almost 100 variations, for successful projects with Texnov.

Are architectural coatings ecological?

In addition, Texnov Inc. positions itself as an environmentally responsible company, and here are a few facts that demonstrate this, when possible:

  1. Reuse office supplies.
  2. Practice green and local procurement.
  3. Reduce the energy consumption of buildings.
  4. Make recycling a priority.
  5. The use of hybrid cars for the sales force.

Some specific examples are: investing in equipment to process production waste on-site, taking empty printer cartridges to the local eco-center, purchasing from environmentally friendly suppliers when possible, replacing old delivery trucks with modern, fuel-efficient vehicles, using siding in the construction of our new offices to reduce heating consumption in the cold months and air conditioning in the warm months.

As with any new technology, manufacturers consider environmental protection an imperative. Texnov builds comfortable homes in sustainable environments for better living, and building a better community also means protecting the environment.
Texnov takes care of the environment. Please visit the following tab for details: https://texnov.com/a-propos/texnov-et-lenvironnement/

Ecological house with efficient coatings.

Who are the main manufacturers of acrylic coatings?

Manufacturers are present in several countries, choosing those adapted to our climatological reality is, without doubt, a wise choice.

Just as you wouldn’t wear a wool jacket in the Caribbean, you shouldn’t use heavy paint to protect your home in North America!

In this blog “Acrylic Coatings, its intricacies and benefits” you will learn the what, how and why of using this material for comfortable buildings in sustainable environments.

Texnov makes products for comfortable homes in sustainable environments!

Major stucco manufacturers in the United States

Major manufacturers of acrylic coatings in Canada

In Canada, TexNov Inc. is the leading manufacturer of acrylic coatings. The company began in the 1980s developing the first generations of polymeric coatings; more than 3 decades later are one of the only local manufacturers to use all-acrylic polymers, for added durability.

Texnov offers durable solutions using 100% acrylic polymers; the purest acrylic means more elasticity, better bonding capacity and better protection on all surfaces. Our requirements call for extremely high performance solutions. Texnov meets and exceeds the laboratory tests required by national construction standards.

Texnov’s offices fully covered

Texnov’s main office building is entirely finished with acrylic siding, saving thousands of dollars in heating and cooling costs, and giving it a modern look.


Founding its first company in 1988, Texnov is the result of a long career in the manufacture and use of building materials. Today, Texnov is the Canadian leader in the manufacturing of acrylic coatings. As they say:

If TexNov siding is good for life in Canada, it’s good for the world’s harshest weather conditions.

The company’s growing success is based on one ingredient: quality first, which applies to both products and customer service. The constant development of the company is a testimony to the long-term loyalty of the customers and the “know-how” in testing and developing new solutions.

Read this article on Texnov’s profile here

TexNov acrylic coating


Buying Texnov acrylic coatings has many advantages, here are some of them

    • Easy-to-apply products; this shortens plasterers’ time, so consumers pay less and professionals can take on more work.
    • Protection: TexNov products protect your home from temperature variations, freeze-thaw, traditional salt and calcium, UV rays, abrasion and impact.
    • Improved safety: anti-slip characteristics increase grip on all surfaces, making homes, commercial spaces and industries much safer.
    • Quality that lasts: TexNov’s water vapor permeability allows surfaces to breathe while maintaining the performance of the water-air barrier. Forget the chore of regular maintenance of painted surfaces with modern coatings.
    • A world of colors: You will have nearly a hundred possibilities with Texnov. TexNov products are pre-mixed to offer you easy-to-use solutions; they are ready to use and save time. The chandelier will last for years.
    • Easy to maintain: Our unique technology offers you low maintenance solutions. Simply wash with a low-pressure water jet to restore Texnov acrylic stucco to its original shine.
    • A product line dedicated to professionals: TexNov inc. has launched TexPro, the only brand of coating dedicated to professionals.


Exceptional products with impeccable customer service and fast delivery to the job site, to make each of your projects a success.

Let’s build something amazing together!

Where to get acrylic coatings

Now that you know what acrylic coatings are, it’s time to buy some.
There is nothing better than choosing quality local solutions when sourcing coatings.
“Texnov manufactures Canadian-made coatings for the toughest conditions in the world.”
Please use the map below to find the nearest outlet in your area

      If for any reason there is no retailer available in your area, please contact Texnov at 1 877 316-6388 or use the contact form here.

      One last word

      In this new blog “Acrylic Coatings, its intricacies and benefits”, you have discovered the characteristics, benefits and application guides of this material. The choice of building material is made with a project in mind, and for any successful project, acrylic stucco offers texture, color and protection for the home’s envelope. Every project needs the right products to ensure longevity, protection and a good return on your investment.

      Currently, there is no product more versatile than architectural coatings. The wide range of colors, textures and sizes, the ability to adhere to damaged surfaces, the protection against extreme weathering and the availability in the market.

      Texnov products are available in different formats to save customers money.


      There’s no doubt about it, Texnov products are comparable to the world’s best manufacturers of architectural coatings, with the advantage of being tested for our way of life. Texnov coatings are tested for all types of construction, both new and existing, for all building uses.

      Discover the products here and if in doubt, please visit our documentation center with the technical data sheets of each product.

      Think of Texnov to repair, beautify and protect any surface.


      Buy local

      In this paragraph, I will describe the importance of buying locally, because between all of us, we can build a stronger and more sustainable community.

      First, when shopping, consumers are tempted to buy the cheapest materials; in a way, we all like to spend less, but not at the expense of quality.

      Second, building materials must be appropriate for local conditions, including weather conditions, humidity levels, exposure to high winds, snow, frost, etc.

      In all cases, buying local means investing in your community, supporting local workers and ensuring a clean environment. Here are some benefits of using locally made building products:



      Local businesses pay their employees based on local rates, which creates financial stability for the local community, but they also spend money on other local businesses. By buying local, we are all helping to create jobs for your family, friends and neighbors, contributing to improved public infrastructure and investing in the community, both socially and economically.

      In addition, buying locally also means you know more about quality control; imported goods have been designed to meet construction standards in other countries.

      In short, not all international products are designed to endure freeze-thaw cycles like we do here in Canada.

      When purchasing imported building materials, it is important to know that the manufacturing processes and potentially harmful chemicals and by-products can be difficult. Usually, internationally manufactured products are designed for the conditions of that country, and cheapness is not always an advantage when it means products made from poor ingredients.

      Please visit our blog for freshly published articles here:

      Learn why to use coatings on a regular wall paint by following this link:


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