Comfortable homes in sustainable environments.

TexNov manufactures durable, easy-to-apply coatings for a variety of surfaces.

TexNov’s acrylic coatings protect and beautify residential , commercial and industrial buildings easily, quickly and inexpensively.

Easy to apply

Simply with a roller or brush
Clean equipment with water


TexNov products protect your home from temperature variations, freeze thaw, traditional salt and calcium, UV rays and abrasion and shock.


Its increased grip which provides much safer floors.

The quality that lasts

The water vapor permeability of TexNov allows surfaces to breathe while maintaining the water and air barrier. Forget the chore of regular maintenance of painted surfaces.

Huge choice of 96 colors

TexNov products are pre-mixed, to offer you easy-to-use solutions; They are ready to use and save time. The luster will last for years.

Easy to maintain

Our unique technology offers you low maintenance solutions. Simply wash with a low-pressure water jet to restore the original shine to the Texnov coating.

Products made in Canada, for the harshest conditions in the world.