How to hire the right contractor in 2023

Welcome to the new article to guide you through How to choose a general contractor in 2023 with TexNov.

I’ve often said that finding a contractor is like playing the dating game. It can take a long time to find the perfect match – sometimes as long as it takes to complete the project! But believe me, the time spent finding the RIGHT contractor is worth it.

To begin with, choosing your contractor is the most important factor in ensuring that the repair work is completed according to our expectations. Read this article for some handy tips. Remember, the preparation of any project is the guarantee of success!

So once the decision to make changes to the house is made, a crucial choice must be made: that of the contractor who will carry out the work.

Finally, find out how to choose a construction contractor with TexNov.

At TexNov, we are aware of the complexity of choosing and of the importance of protecting your back; to enlighten you, we have listed the main points to remember to find your next contractor.


First, to choose a construction contractor, the first step is to build a list with the choices available.

Yes, everyone will do a quick Google search to find a contractor, but please do your research! Don’t just rely on Google – you want to talk to contractors and get their referrals. Make sure you call their references!

Where to look for the right information?

First, in Quebec, specialized resources are also available on the Internet, such as:

(For other Canadian provinces or other countries, please consult the available local portals).

TexNov customer service

To get started, if you’ve done your research, or if you’re still not sure where to start or who to talk to, I suggest you contact the TexNov customer service team. They will listen to your needs and create a roster of expert vendors who will help you make the perfect selections and plan for all your needs.

TexNov is the leader in the manufacture of acrylic coatings, but its services expand to find you a contractor for your residential, industrial and institutional projects. For TexNov, each project is important!

This is why TexNov likes the concept of offering complete customer service. They have created a network of home improvement specialists, from renovators to acrylic plaster specialists, home design specialists, architects – all under the same spirit of caring for customers.

So, with the guidance of their customer service team, they will design a personalized shopping experience that is unique and tailored to your needs – no time will be wasted on unnecessary appointments.

Choosing the right contractor is part of success

An important step in choosing your contractor is to get good information from others who, like you, needed it.


First let’s look at the credentials of your listed contractors, you can’t ask too many questions. Ask to see their finished work. If possible, go see him in person. Find out if they were on time and on budget.

Examples of questions:

  • Do they have the right insurance?
  • Has the contractor worked with them more than once?
  • Did they keep you informed every step of the way?
  • Did they answer all your questions?
  • Did they provide a written quote with payment options, terms, and warranty?

Another good question to ask is how they left the job site at the end of the day – did they clean up? Have they put away their tools? I believe in leaving a clean, litter-free job site every day.

How to choose a construction contractor with TexNov is an article to inform about some steps to consider when hiring a professional for your residential or commercial projects.

It must be said that contractors must respect the owner and his house. A messy workplace is not a good job site. In one of the episodes of Holmes and Holmes , a landlord had a terrible experience with a contractor. He put tools on their bed, used their laundry basket as a trash can, and left a mess behind.

In Quebec, Mike Holmes is best known for his presence on the Casa channel. We saw it in Holmes does it well or Holmes+Holmes. His specialty: correcting badly done work.


Prepare your project with the help of an architect

Homeowners can never ask too many questions and it reflects their commitment and interest in maintaining their home. TexNov’s customer service team and home improvement experts will answer all your questions and concerns for projects involving the installation of acrylic coatings to prepare, repair, beautify and protect your home.

Help from the pros

At first glance, if your project is growing, and you are in need of professional guidance, doing business with an architect could facilitate your success.

TexNov offers turnkey solutions for architects and home designers. Complete exterior enveloppe systems (EIFS) adapt to any job site and any construction. Ask for the installation of StefNov systems for acquired results in protection and finishing of your home.

They will provide the groundwork to put you in touch with good professional practices for your next job.

The importance of asking questions

The importance of asking questions is to try to find out as much as possible about the experience due to the potential entrepreneur, his specializations, his thoroughness, his deadlines, the insurances he has, etc. The SVP writing site, set up by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association , offers a series of questions to ask contractors. Do not hesitate to refer to it for inspiration in your search for a contractor.

Before entering into a binding contract, make it clear that you are getting a detailed estimate, as this keeps everyone on the same page!

It’s smart and strongly advised for homeowners to ask lots of questions when looking for the right contractor for the job!

Ask questions about former clients

Do not hesitate to ask for references from the contractor. The most important thing, recalls the Consumer Protection Office for quality in construction, is to check them. Call other customers to find out how their experience was. Finally, ask to visit the site or see photos of the work to make sure it is up to your expectations.

Ask questions of the Registrar of Companies

The Quebec business register lets you know if the business you have chosen is indeed registered, a requirement for doing business in Quebec. To find out more, here is their website


Most good general contractors will fabricate a detailed estimate, and they should, as it will take them a long time to do a site visit, materials, and cost calculations.

It’s common to be offered free tools, but free doesn’t mean quality. Moreover, looking for your contractor is a difficult task, even more so now in the covid period.

Depending on the scope of work, consider spending between 200$ and 400$ for an estimate. If the work is green-lit, common practice will be for the contractor to deduct that cost from the final invoice. Of course, contractors can also provide a verbal estimation, but before you enter into a binding contract, it’s a good idea to make sure you get a detailed estimate, as this allows everyone to establish common goals.

Ultimately, having a detailed estimate helps keep everyone on the same page – discussing contracts with a professional should be an easy task.


The Consumer Protection Office recalls that the law does not specify how much the down payment should be. Every contractor has their own invoicing policy, in particular validate it before starting the work.

Choosing a construction contractor also depends on the ease of doing business.

How much to give in advance?

Asking for a deposit from landlords before renovations have even started is common practice in the home renovation and new construction industry.

Generally, a deposit is around 15% of the cost of the renovation project. This first payment fulfills two main functions for a general contractor:

1. To confirm your intention

Contractors have been very busy lately and accepting your renovation project usually means refusing another renovation project that pays just as much, if not more.

2. Purchase of materials

The deposit allows the general contractor to buy your materials up front: in general, contractors avoid advancing the capital for the purchase of materials, because they are often short on their working capital. Advance funds for the purchase of materials also carries the financial risk for a general contractor of not being reimbursed if the client decides to cancel the renovation project along the way.

Choosing TexNov for comfortable homes
TexNov products are the ideal solution for comfortable homes and sustainable environments.


No matter the size of the job to be done, you need a contract that clearly outlines the project, tasks, schedule and cost of the job.

Choosing a construction contractor also means making things as clear and easy to understand for everyone as possible.

We also recommend spelling out certain terms – like when and what the contractor will do within a specific time frame – this helps keep communication open and provides expectations for both the contractor and the owner.

The contract should also state the total amount and a payment schedule – remember a deposit of up to 20% to secure the work, and the balance of payments should be tied to specific milestones, not time. Once the deposit has been paid, the balance of the charges must be associated with the work carried out. The most common steps are preparing damaged surfaces, laying new hardware, and visiting the final site after completion, but you should always withhold 10% to be paid once the job is complete and everyone is happy .

Which model of contract to use?

The Régie du bâtiment du Québec offers a model contract adapted to residential renovations at a fixed price (find a local agency for other places)

This model contract includes the identification of the parts, the description of the work scope, the schedule and the costs among others.

Please click on the following image to download a free home improvement contract template.


Housing renovations
Download this sample contract for residential renovations



Choosing a construction contractor with TexNov means knowing everyone’s responsibilities.

We think it’s a good idea to always remind owners of their responsibility; as owners, it is your responsibility to ensure that the appropriate permits have been applied for.

Permits for renovations (including demolitions, insulation and finishing), are all required by municipal regulations. If there are any changes, stamped technical or architectural plans must be submitted and approved by the local building authority.

We always advise you to double check with their local building authority department to determine if you need any specific permits for the work. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that permits have been issued for their property, not the contractor. Therefore, before any work begins, confirm with your city or town to ensure permits are required.

Remember that permits help ensure that the work is done correctly and meets applicable building codes, other than they authorize the owner.

Who applies for the work permit?

The cost of a residence renovation permit depends on the city where you are located and the extent of the work you plan to do. To give you an idea of the cost, the price of a renovation permit in the borough of Ville-Marie, in Montreal, is $9.80 per $1,000 of work, for a minimum cost of $140 (tariff 2020).

Please visit the following link for details.

As the owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that the appropriate permits have been requested. Your contract may state that your contractor will be responsible for getting them – but ultimately it’s your home that’s at stake if they haven’t.

Other Considerations

There are a lot of things to consider when embarking on a home improvement project – remember to do your homework and if you come across as overwhelmed or in need of inspiration, your next call should be to TexNov for any project involving repairs to your home’s stucco, brick, concrete, damaged foundations or balcony floors or even damaged paved driveways. The customer service team and home improvement experts will create a unique personalized shopping experience that introduces you to the right people to talk to and the best performing, long-lasting product solutions.

TexNov and the architects
Choose TexNov solutions for successful and sustainable projects


Choosing a general contractor with TexNov involves checking.

The Régie du bâtiment provides a list of licensed contractors. Use it to find your next contractor.

Building contractors in the province must be licensed by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec. A contractor’s compliance can be checked in the register of license holders on the RBQ website.


You will be better protected in the event of damage if the contractor is insured. During the work, your property or even that of a neighbour, could be damaged.

In addition, a builder’s risk is a type of property insurance; Builders risk covers the labour, equipment and materials provided by the owner and its contractors during the construction project.

This assurance becomes especially important as the project progresses: materials and labor hours will accumulate, and more equipment will be stored on the job site, which means there is more to lose.

For work done by yourself, here is the advice of the CAA


TexNov offers you a complete service, from choosing the color and texture of your home’s exterior siding to helping you find a contractor in your area.

First step :

Call 1 877 316-6388 to schedule an appointment at either the main offices in Sherbrooke or the Montreal/North Shore offices in Laval.

Second step :

A member of the customer service team will ask you a series of questions regarding your project and provide you with recommendations and selections from the dealer directory based on your preferences. They will work with you to create your goals and objectives. Once the coordination is complete, you will be contacted by the contractor who will visit the premises to specify his services offered.

Third step :

On the day of the contractor’s visit, he will meet you and guide you through the different options to carry out your work. The color and texture chart allows you to choose the finish for your home.

The TexNov customer service team includes its customer service team, its network of representatives and retailers.

All of them work closely with talented experts. This is to introduce you to each of the products, services and upcoming promotions.

All you have to do is call them for an appointment to discuss your project. Have no doubt, TexNov will put you in contact with the right experts to visit. It’s so simple!


Once your selection of contractors is made, present your project and compare the different bids.

Describe in writing the work to be done in as much detail as possible. Do not hesitate to take pictures of the places to be repaired.

In the case of a large project, it may be useful to retain the services of an architect, engineer or other building professional to add precision.

Architects and home designers use acrylic coatings TexNov in all sorts of projects.
TexNov provides a complete service dedicated to architects and house designers. Regular visits allow newcomers to update their knowledge.


With a clear idea of your project, contractors can submit a better bid. With a few quotes in hand, all that remains is to compare them. Do not hesitate to meet with contractors to clarify their commitments and responsibilities.

Why do we believe that price is not the only factor?

The price will undoubtedly be essential in your choice, but do not make it the only selection criterion. However, we must remain cautious: it is often a question of the quality of the materials and the skill of the workers. Don’t be surprised that some quotes are especially affordable; those turn out to be unrealistic, opening the way to “add-on” during the works.

Finally, other factors must also be considered:

  • Start date of work.
  • Works duration.
  • Penalty of the contractor in the event of delay.
  • Site safety.

Choosing a general contractor with TexNov is easier than you think!

So, don’t wait any longer and let’s build something great together!

TexNov has been manufacturing acrylic coatings since 1988; years of experience and successful projects have made it possible to build a network of partners among knowledgeable entrepreneurs.

Choose TexNov for comfortable homes in durable environments.

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Disclaimer: We wrote this article in order to inform and maintain our relationship with our customers. The company takes no responsibility for any work done without professional supervision. Any work either repair or new construction must be covered by your contractor’s insurance. TexNov is not responsible for services offered by third parties. We encourage articles 1457 and 1458 of the Civil Code of Quebec. Your best ally is your family entrepreneur.


How to choose a construction contractor is not easy or quick.

We have consulted several sources of reliable information for the elaboration of this text. Here are a few:

And now you know how to choose a construction contractor with TexNov!